A Long Long Time Ago


A long long time ago
I was never a lover
Of broken things
I miss that place
I lived in my head
I took chances
I was never lost
I never broke
Only one other
I shattered
With my will
Over hers.

A beach
A shore
A lost time
Way in the past
When life was better
And I was myself
And no one could tell me otherwise
Besides her
The one who told me
I couldn't be me.

I couldn't be naked
I couldn't be alive
I had to hide
To shelter
Under fabrics
And walls
And roofs of slate
Away from my shore
My home
My watery playground.

I had to hide
I had to pretend
And she would see through it
Even though she dug the hole
I was thrown into.

I miss those days
Before I lost myself
Before I lost her
Before I was confused
About who broke who
And I could be free.


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