Head over to and then click on HIVE Power dropdown, you will see Power Down option, this is how you can do power down on Hive. It can be done wenever you want and how much you want. Lets say you are powerring down 1300 HP so it will get divided into 100 HP per week as it takes 13 weeks to power down.


Thanx so much @codingdefined,so helpful.

The question doesn't make sense. Are you asking how to power down? Or are you wanting to know when users should start powering down?

Codingdefined answered the first question. The power down converts 1/12 of your HP to HIVE each week. It takes 13 weeks (91 days) to completely power down.

After you power down you can transfer your funds to an exchange and sell it for local currency.

The catch here is that the exchanges charge transaction fees.

It is not worth powering down until you have a few hundred bucks in the account.

When should accounts power down is a more difficult question.

If you decided to leave the platform; then you should wait a week so that you collect all of your last rewards; then press the power down button and come back in 91 days to cash out.

You have both a HIVE account and a STEEM account. SteemIt just changed the cash out formula to 4 weeks.

You could power down your SteemIt account and get your money in 5 weeks. I looked, your SteemIt account is worth $8.18.

Since you don't need two accounts. I would chose one of the accounts. Power down and cash out. I would power up the other account and keep blogging until I had the cash from the first power down in hand.

If you want to stay on the platform; then it is a question of how much HIVE POWER you want in your account. Having HIVE POWER increases the size of your rewards. You only have 45 HP and 2.95 HBD. That is about the minimum amount that you need in an account for it to work well. Personally, I would power up and not consider powering down until the estimated account value was several hundred dollars.

Thank you so much @yintercept,i actually didnt know the difference btn powering down and powering up and i am sure they are many people who are like me.joined when a friend of mine told me about it but didn't explain much.
We are so lucky to have people like you here

Much appreciated

It is still difficult to get money from HIVE into your bank account. If you have friends using HIVE, you might be able to trade that $2.95 HBD for something. Google says that $2.95 HBD is worth about 10000 Uganda Shillings.

My guess is that is the price of a meal in a restaurant.

I think the real question is about what you want to do with your HIVE account. If you want to keep using HIVE. I would trade that HBD for Hive in the Internal Market.

The left side of the market lets you trade HBD for HIVE. The right side lets you trade HIVE for HBD. It is good to learn how to use this type of market. Your $2.95 HBD is worth about 11 HIVE.

If you want to continue on HIVE; you should let your HP grow. You have 45 HP. Go to the upvote calculator. Your upvote is worth $0.0005 . If you converted your HBD to HIVE and powered up, your upvote would be worth $0.0006. I have 2500 HP. The upvote I just placed on your comment is worth $0.03.

You want the HP in your account to keep increasing, so that you upvote will be worth more.

You get ten upvotes a day. Your daily upvotes give out $0.006. If you really want to shine on HIVE (or Steemit) you want to have more HP in your account; so that the value of your upvote is higher.

Anyway, if you have friends using HIVE or steemit. your best bet for selling your Hive is to trade directly with them. The exchanges charge transaction fees.

You are heaven sent..we need more selfless people like you on hive.
Am sure many people just hear about it and right away they get to posting without knowing about these things and all they care about is earning.
I have traded my hive and HBD once since i joined but when i asked about how they calculated it,i was ignored.
I have really learnt a lot from you @yintercept,be blessed.thank you so much.