How many hours a day do you spend on Hive?

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Let me be honest. I have been on Hive for roughly four months and it has been the site/application/platform I am mostly engaging with. I don’t have Facebook and Twitter is the other social media platform I regularly use.

However, I am beginning to think that I am spending too much time on Hive lately. There are three types of engagement that I am doing on Hive.



I like to write and writing is not easy. You have to have the right frame of mind. Once you have that, you need a topic to write on. For that, you may want to do your research because facts matter. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the equation. It takes time to do your research, come with a topic and to actually write.


I think the word ‘curation’ rightly describes the type of engagement I have on Hive. I do not autovote and try to go through the posts manually. While doing that, the primary purpose is to provide honest and organic feedback to the writer. My vote doesn't count much and my upvotes and comments may not bring the article on the trending page. So, it’s mostly commenting. However, to comment on random posts and the posts you like is almost a full time passion.


Apart from that, I also explore. I like to know various aspects of the Hive blockchain. I have discovered many useful applications and websites (including communities).

These engagements demand your time and you have only so much to give in a day. Apart from that, I am also super keen on notifications. I check my phone or laptop every 15 minutes to check if I have any notification. This new habit is also similar to the notification addiction I had on Facebook a decade ago.

SO, no matter what I am doing, I am always checking my phone for Hive updates and that makes me spend hours of my engagement on Hive.

How many hours a day do you spend on Hive?


Well personally, I get to spend around 2 to 3 hours on hive depending on what my post is.

Though, at least half of that time is spent on commenting and engaging on other posts.

It seems you have that optimal balance on Hive. Most of those who commented are spending more than that 😀

Well on the other hand, when I'm not online, I'm still working on getting my content for the posts, like drawing or documenting my trips. :D

Many...usually I have HIVE always opened in another tab while I'm working so I cannot quantify it but a lot of hours

Okay. I am not the only one 🤣
It would be nice to have a chat feature on Hive for those of like us.

I spend far too much time on Hive, but I love the community. Currently I am at home most of the time and do not have too much to do, so I tend to drift towards Hive at lot. I will be reading posts, commenting, chatting on Discord and playing games such as Splinterlands, Rising Stay and Cryptobrewmaster. You could say I am somewhat addicted.

We are all addicted to HIVE, at least the ones who remain active

Same here. I am bit addicted to the platform and am beginning to question - is this really sustainable/helpful? Having said that, I have learned a lot about crypto and cryptotrading being on the platform and chatting with fellow hiveans/hivians. Hope this is for good.🙂

We are the pioneers of this blockchain social thing. If we can help it take of then a lot of people will benefit, including us. That said, if it was not fun I would not spend as much time on it. I can still do other things such as music and running. Those give me reasons to post.

I spent a lot aswell.
I dont use facebook on my phone, but I do use twitter and discord.
I also check too often for new content x)

Also, I spent the entire day in @risingstargame xD

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ay thanks hehe xD

Looks like this is a typical use pattern for regular hive users. Hive, Discord, Twitter and games. 🙂

Ye it properly is :D

Good for Hive based gaming platforms 😇

I use hive for about 1-2 hours a day. I mostly use Reddit and discord. Most of the time I explore and sometimes I write comments like these.

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That's great. Most of the Hive users actively use Discord. May be that's the reason some users think it would be great if we have chat functionality native to Hive.

Thanks for dedicating your daily time on Hive today on my post 🤣 😇

Well I can say the same applies to me as you have written above, I make post about fashion mostly in the mornings and my vote doesn't count much as well.. I like to read and explore other places as other hivers bring these experiences close to me. There is a whole lot I can learn if I stay stuck to the blog

Yeah, I agree. It is bit different for new users as we have to explore to understand the platform and to engage with others. Good luck with your fashion posts.😀

Is 4.47am and im here so... A lot

This post must be pretty important to you then. Wow, that's some serious engagement 😇

I actually SUCK at commenting on posts, specially my own i have serious issues of almost never answer to comments on my own posts 😂

I find it rude when/if the blogger does not reply to your comments on their post. That's why I try to reply to all comments received. 😀 And, Hive is all about engagement.

I SUCK like that but to be fair i do this with my txt messages too 😂 im just lazy at replying to people

😀 You keep up the good old not replying vibe alive then.

Probably way more than I should! 😓

Yet, you are commenting on this post. That shows commitment 🤣

Commitment or addiction?

Depends what you are up to.
Commitment - if you are actively investing your time on the platform to make it better, earn crypto and engage socially
Addiction - if you are spending more time than initially planned and if you think your time on Hive is not productive at all

You've always seemed to comment with interest, relevance and value to me and I appreciate it. I've been here for over three years and I still get excited about the engagement with others, especially those who seek me out and actively seek to engage.

Thank you for recognizing and stopping by. I appreciate. With this question, I wanted to confirm whether I am going overboard with my engagement. It seems, I am on par with other members.

As long as your engagement is relevant, respectful and interesting I don't think the word overboard applies. You're doing fine. Keep it up.

Thank you. 😀

Short answer: A Lot

A lot sounds like right 😇

Great question btw.

Thanks. It was genuine question coz I was thinking that I am spending too much time on Hive. But, it seems almost everyone who is active on Hive is doing the same.

Active on the blockchain itself not as much as I'd like to be lately, but in general talking/planning about Hive I'd say 12h+ a day with a couple hours for gaming/eating. :D

Thanks to your re-blog, this post has blown overnight 🤣 I woke up to notifications all over me.
That's more than full-time on Hive. But, you are one of the community leaders and that may require you to devote additional attention to the platform. Thanks for stopping by.

No idea about the hours spent but I check hive pretty often a day to be up to date with as many news as possible :)

Yeah, that's an issue. It not the active hours but the level of engagement that you have with the platform. 😃

I don’t count

All I do is HIVE & #

For you, it does not matter. You are the #hive Ambassador 😀

However, to comment on random posts and the posts you like is almost a full time passion. The feedback aspect, people seem to like and enjoy it on Hive. I mostly read, look, and comment also. a manual voter also.

In the mornings when I was growing up my father would read the newspaper, and then in my work life I would spend sometime each morning reading the paper. Now that I am retired I spend time in the mornings reading and commenting on Hive.

I do not have any other social sites on line as distractions for my Hive activities. Also not being a blogger most of my post are just that post, no research involved at all.

In total on average I would guess I spend at least 5 active hours a day on Hive Block Chain. But I do use the chain as one of my primary entertainment sources, like TV, games, and reading for pleasure are entertainment for many Hive is entertaining to me.

That's great. And, I think that's the purpose of the Hive platform. If this platform becomes the information and entertainment hub for the masses, the true potential can be achieved. 😀

A lot of time. Too much. I'd rather not say. 😎

Just to let you know, you are not the only one 🤣

Probably several hours a day TBH! Ouch!

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I know. Same here. I cannot say how many hours but I definitely can say that I always aware of what's happening on Hive.

Probably more than I think I do 😁 I'm always checking hive on my phone.

It seems you are not the only one to do that. As @toofasteddie said, the one who remain active on the platform are spending a lot of time here 🤑