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RE: Controversial Opinion - Auto-votes on Whales

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There are 19 active whale accounts out of 32 according to arcange's stats post. To be honest I don't know if I vote on any of them or not, but then again I don't use auto votes yet, (not big enough account but growing).

There is a lot of talk about supporting smaller accounts, it seems to me many people fail to even review their auto votes as I have seen plagiarized content get a lot of support from auto voters. Whales are not the only shit posters, they are people also and may not have a lot of time, but still want to keep their feet in the Hive Block Chain.

If more people followed this type of rule then you'd be contributing to that so I would at the very least consider reviewing your auto-vote trail and removing the whales who aren't auto-voting you or regularly up-voting your post.

A couple issue I see with that, voting for a person just to get a vote back is not helping or supporting the smaller accounts it is supporting your own account, ie: I voted for you I expect a vote in return.

I believe there are at least two reasons to vote:

  • you like the content/author
  • you are looking to grow your stake via curation rewards

The two are not mutually exclusive. A person looking to support people/content can do so with a portion of their vote power, and also they can use a portion of their vote power on curation.

To exclude a group of people for any reason is simply wrong in my own personal opinion. People need to decide if they want to be an excluder or includer. We have seen throughout society what happens when a group is excluded.

As always on the vote front, at the end of the day it is the person choice, it is their vote, it is theirs to do with as they will, and I am not advocating one use or method over any other.


I'm not saying I vote and expect anything, it just kind of happens, statistically speaking.

I follow both those reasons you mentioned, but I also know many Hive users that are new look for strategies to be discovered. Upvoting and commenting is one of them.

I'm also not saying to exclude anyone, I vote whales good posts that I like following similar rules you've outlined all the time.

The post here is really just food for thought. I appreciate the comment my friend!

Yeah anytime voting is bought up there is controversy. I myself am not that big of a fan of auto voting, I do however understand the need for it. My max vote value is still less than $0.100 so I do not need to worry about appearing overly generous on my votes, The bigger I grow though I am going to have to consider that, which manual voting at this stage in my growth will certainly aid. I just hope when I get to the Auto Vote stage I can remember to check my votes on a regular basis.

Actually, what I found is the more HP you have the more manual voting returns unforeseeable dividends later. I'm also a fan of up-voting comments, I think people appreciate that and it incentives more engagement later on. Now if you know your going to be lazy, which I get burned out too, then I'll just follow a good trail.

I don't think I will ever follow or sign on to a vote trail. I have seen to many of those that vote on plagiarized and extremely low value content, (one blurry picture and no words).

Manual voting for curation rewards can return a lot especially if it is on content that catches on fire, (kind of goes hive viral).

Comment voting is something I also try to do on occasion, but I need my vote to be close to $0.020 at 25% vote power to do it. I do make exceptions sometimes because I have signed on with dustsweeper to pick up my slightly short votes, but I don't like doing it to often.


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