The Man Cave Blog Competition Week #1

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Okay guys and gals. A lot of you know that I am a writer at heart. I found Hive a long time ago because I'm one of those rare techies that enjoys to write. I call myself a logic-artist. I both enjoy the black and white of logic, and also the flair of artistry! With this in mind I have created a blog for the Man Cave here:

You will note that the blog is very empty and needs populating. That's where you come in. I'm looking for submissions for next week and for the foreseeable future. Each day next week I will populate our blog with a post that I've picked from one of you guys & gals.

Great, isn't it?

So I can't offer anything. I guess the best thing that I can offer is that the winning post on the day will get voted on whichever tribe they are posting from. That can be multiple tribes if they so choose. I will use our accounts to give you a bang up vote.

Our blog wont be up to much for at least a month. Then, as I populate it with your lovely posts, build backlinks and make connections elsewhere I think we might see a little income from it. However, all the income that the Man Cave site (if any, ever) will go straight into Hive and buying up tokens from new and exciting projects for the brofund.

A few rules before we start.

  • By taking part you are giving me full authorization for me to repost your writing on The Man Cave website (with a few edits for seo) if I choose to do so
  • Please use the tag #mancavewebsite in your posts
  • Feel free to tag as many tribes as you wish in this. I will endeavor to upvote you from all of our accounts. Just make sure it's relevant though. No posting a dumper truck post in Leofinance or so.
  • The post must be relevant to the weekly topics I give out, else you will not get anything.

Please also note that @riverflows is running a manly based plant challenge over in if anyone fancies a look in at that

Anyway, on with the show. Please select one of the following topics to write about. There are several, and I am hoping to have at least one submission for every day of next week. It's fine if you guys can't manage that though. I mean a few submissions is fine either way.

Okay, please write about one of the following prompts using the headline:

  • Why toxic masculinity is bs
  • Dads are important - why?
  • Reasons why fathers are important
  • What a man needs from a woman in a relationship
  • What makes a man happy in a relationship
  • Father son bonding ideas
  • Struggles only guys will understand
  • What makes a successful man?
  • Ways to be successful in life
  • Importance of father in child development

You can choose as many as you like, and when you like. You can do all of them if you wish, it's up to you.

You might wonder why I chose these topics? Well, I'm currently attacking google and it's keyword system. It's what people are searching for at the moment. You don't need to worry though. Write a post and I'll sort out the rest!

Winners will be announced on Monday, and then after that you will have a week to complete the next competition. So please enjoy doing this. Sorry it's so short notice. I wanted to start this at the end of last week but I suddenly fell ill.

Late entries will be accepted this week since the timing is a little skewed. Anyway. Enjoy! :)


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 32 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Good luck with the competition. A good idea to generate wealth. Print more money 😇

Not confirming to this competition but today's is International Men's Day.
I just penned my thoughts on stereotypes at

Feel free to tag as many tribes as you wish in this. I will endeavor to upvote you from all of our accounts.

what are the other accounts? (i am just asking in order to know in which communities should I write) or it won't have a significance as you will check it either way?