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In The Beginning

We had an unexpected visit from @acidyo a few weeks ago in The Man Cave, and thankfully for us he has decided to stay and lurk. Safe to say he's already raised a few interesting questions that I thought would be important for our wider audience to know. It's good to know these things that people may ask, you know?

There was quite a big discussion in The Man Cave earlier about token owners and their duty to their holders.

There seems to be an underbelly of discussion about the initial excitement of a token launch and then after everything dies off, maintaining the excitement is the hardest part. Part of why we see a lot of tokens in the dirt right now. A lot of people can't see the forest for the trees -- but that still should not take the weight of responsibility from owners to keep up with momentum.

During these discussions I was asked how I handled our launch and the upcoming stagnation period and from there. So I thought I'd give you an idea what happened!

in the beginning.png

When the initial sale of BRO was over, we sold quite a bit back in 2020. I think our sale clocked around 60-70,000 Hive in total and we had amassed a fair amount of hive as collateral. At the beginning I kept this in my account because I was entirely unsure what to do with this and it eventually dawned on me the responsibility that I had to the people that held my token. I think I had a bit of an existential crisis for a day or two before I realised that I was going to have to "do right" by them or lose all credibility in the future.

So I didn't take a wage, and I used some of my own funds to add to the pot. I began seeing my project as something to build towards in the future. I see it is that we are building this out for the greater good. Now, because we are such a successful fund I can release a new token and future utility and other people wouldn't think twice about buying it.

This is how normal mainstream bricks and mortar businesses work. At the beginning you add your own assets to build it for the future. This is the risk we take. So bar perhaps a few thousand in total I haven't taken anything out of brofund at all. I've mostly added to it.


We remained as an investment token for about a year. I'll be honest and say it was incredibly hard maintaining the pot and dividends with absolutely no other money coming in apart from the investments we already had, and it was also thanks to @themarkymark and @ecoinstant that kept me from doing incredibly dumb shit that could crash BRO into oblivion.


Then luckily I happened to win big on a few bsc projects which sparked the interest in me of building a team, writing a roadmap for BRO, and then delivering on some future utility which I had planned for all along.

So that's it. I didn't spent godloads of our earnings, and I put money into it for the future -- that's how we ended up being successful. That and our tokenomics were locked down tighter than @bearbear613's thumb in an extra large glove. Many years of development to come.

What else did/do we do?

Well, we created the Dragons Den for little projects that need some funding. Below is a part screenshot of some action in the Den:


If you are successful you can raise quite a bit of capital in here. Only if you are successful though! Dragon's are each to their own.

If I've not been clear enough anyone can use this as pitching platform. Just bear in mind that it wont be easy!

There be dividends!

Yar, there be pieces of eight over there!

Yup. We never ever moved from that bar stool. We've sat on it since we began. If you take a look below then you'll see that we hand out dividends to our holders every Friday -- and in Hive too!


Yup, that's right, hive

We help other tribes

Did you know that we try and help other tribes out there? If you're interested then we really dig into the nitty gritty of the business and try and get everything flowing freely. Of course this is a choice you have to make yourself.

But if you're interested in another perspective on what you're doing then give me or any of my team members a shout and we'll try help!

A service not to be sniffed at because we're raising the potential of hive engine.

All in all a project with promise.. a future even.

So we're doing lots. It's not just a dividend token anymore! I've also yet to talk at length about CineTV lead by the mighty Lieutenant Dan @papacrusher!! But that will come, and a story for another day!

If you'd like to get more involved in what we're doing then delegate HP to @brofi to earn BRO, that really helps, or, vote our witness over at https://peakd.com/me/witnesses which helps us too! That's the fastest way to directly get involved for now.


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our tokenomics were locked down tighter than @bearbear613's thumb in an extra large glove


Well they are! lol

BRO seems to be one of the few (the only?) token on HE right now that is gaining value rather than shedding it. Glad I've got a load of BRO!

yup! Good thing huh? :)

Good time good squared actually!


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