Weekend visit to the ECOBANK properties

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Everything is coming along, just as it was meant to be. Information will keep coming, this project is alive and kicking. We headed down on Saturday to our 8 hectares of pristine land to check in with two workers who have been helping us to clean out some flat spots to see if we can build a little building down there just to have a place to get started applying for electricy and municipal water permits, be able to stay on the land over night and other such things.


The job is not to drop everything indiscriminately, but to leave the trees and carefully clean the undergrowth (and overgrowth) from within.

We also went down with my brother in law, who helps me with the maps and gps stuff. He had been down last week with a worker marking the invisible division of our land so we can get a real feel for it.


Our invisible neighbor is some high tension powerlines, so its really likely that we will be able to beautify the ~200 feet past our land with everything but tall trees. Flowers, bushes and such are permitted. We are thinking about living fence options already, currently most of the edge is grass right now.

Remember, or as you can see on the map, the power lines angle away from the road, so we have a big triangle of land.

We were exploring the 'tail' of the land, to see if it isnt possible to cut off a piece or two in case we have an opportunity to capitalize ourself at a profitable price.

Nothing to rush into, just looking at options.


After that we picked up the workers and the lawyer and drove back up to town. I am so happy to have bought this 1979 Nissan Patrol, I love it! It was basically my first 'win' in crypto almost two years ago now.


And after a quick bop around town for supplies we headed up to Casa Lago lake house to talk ECOBANK business with our accounting team (its official!) and a few other local interested people.


Great progress this week, and I am really getting the pitch down in Spanish. People love the idea, and some are interested in investing. I have lower expectations in pesos than dollars, especially for the presale, but as we continue to build a bridge for people to understand crypto and get involved with a HIVE wallet, more and more are interested.

ECOBANK is not really a HIVE project, its a Colombia project. We have built on HIVE and Hive-engine, and so we will be onboarding people with zero crypto experience. That is a challenge, but one we increasingly feel confident tackling.

Freedom and Friendship


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 108 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

The Ecobank project looks awesome. So much community involved here. Earlier I transfer Swap hbd to participate !

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It's nice to see that you want to follow all the proper procedures as well. As for a 1979 car, I don't think I would even drive a car like that. It just sounds like there will be way too many car problems and I like all the new tools that make it easier for me.


Minor typo.

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It's good to see things going according to plan. With the new acquisition and the associated cash flow the development will be a little easier. I have no doubt that you will achieve it with the desire that you are putting into it.

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This is nice project, I will also throw in some funds and see how everything goes

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That idea is awesome, keep it up.