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Being a man in a society that I grow up in is not something to be taken for granted but most times, a lot is been asked of me and its so easy to break down and quit. I for one have experienced the heavy lofty expectations been placed one for being a man, with all the world problems being placed on men tender shoulder as if we ain't humans too. The most annoying part is that Men ain't allowed to voice out displease at emotional stuff, they are been perceived as weak.

Due to our masculinity, we are always wanted to be a strong vessel, the shoulder to lie on and we are still expected to provide a listening ear to issues from the opposite sex. I for one have no problem with that but who will listen to our own pains too without being judgemental or without seeing one as less of men. Well for me I have made my peace with that and I have accepted that being a man will always require accepting responsibilities.

Just because I have agreed to be a man and take responsibility for all that comes with it, that does not mean I should not express myself or my emotions when the breakdown syndrome hits. Well, for me, when I am tired and a little bit kind of lost, I engaged in some soul searching journey and I feel it works almost every time for me. All I have to do is relax and take a step back from it all, like distracting myself from all the issue on ground and connecting with something entirely different like listening to music, reaching out to pals and sometimes just laying on my back To think of random funny events which will surely bring a smile to the face.

Aside from the fact that men are a natural protector, I for one even go ahead to spice things up by doing my best to even spread happiness by putting smiles on people face. Being a man isn't about the packs and big muscles it's about the sacrifices and the strength utilized to bring comfort to those around us. It can not be overemphasized the role men play in putting a family together and the ending love and relentless struggles of putting things in order at home often go unnoticed.

Men are rare gems who help out their women either by putting things in order at home when chance to help out in the kitchen to bathing the kids and dropping them off at schools even when it's not convenient for them but they are willing to jeopardise their comfortability for another. Men are life givers and its possible that nothing might actually work out without men input .


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