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RE: Controversial Opinion - Auto-votes on Whales

in The Man Cave3 months ago

I do very little auto-voting. I follow what my @tenkminnows account votes on, but that is all small accounts. Otherwise it is all manual as I want control of where my votes go. I appreciate that some whales do a lot for the platform and community. They can expect $30+ in votes on anything they post, most of it automated. I may add a small vote in some cases, but I prefer to get votes to posts that are not making as much as they should. I can find art, comics and music posts that took considerable work to produce, but make cents. That is the sort of content that will attract a wider audience and it needs to be encouraged. Yet another post about Hive itself is of little interest to the masses.

We definitely need a better spread of voting so I applaud your stance.


Thanks! I vote some whale posts too I like but don't have any auto-votes set on them. Yea agreed Hive posts are of little interest to the masses but they're important for new Hivers to see because it's hard to search for them.

Some people will do well regardless of what I do. I seek out those who struggle to make much with good content.