Goku made it to the national team!

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After buying a set of copic markers almost a year ago I finally decided it was time to put them to use. It's been a while I've sketched something again, life's just been too busy between doing Hive things and mostly gaming on my free time rather than being a bit more creative or trying to. To warm up I decided to draw something I've drawn in the past but just the usual felt a bit boring so I shot up Midjourney and started coming up with some interesting mixes to some of my favorite characters. Before I'll get into the prompts and references, here's the drawing progression at random times (wasn't thinking too much about posting, just took a pic and shared it around with some friends on Discord over time, (drawing takes much longer than I expected)).

I first shared this one on Twitter and asked if anyone had an idea of who I was gonna draw, a majority guessed it correctly!


A little bit later:



Moving on to inking! Here I used a 0.1 and 0.3 multiliner copic inking pens, the 0.3 was meant mostly for the thicker lines at the edges but I ended up mostly just using the .1 for the eyes and mouth and some strands of hair here and there, lol. I inked while erasing the pencil here and there along the way.




Guess I forgot to take a pic when the inking was finished and then didn't take any more until it was all colored in, so guess this is a good time to go through my idea process. I ended up with a Midjourney prompt of someone looking as much as goku as possible, although I had to check real references as I felt something about his eyes wasn't correct. The idea was Goku in a football jersey, since it's an anime originated from Japan I decided to add "JFA" (Japanese Football Association) logo on the far right side and for those of you who have watched dragon ball from the beginning, I added the symbol he got on his first orange outfit on the left which I just googled what it actually stands for:

The 1st symbol Goku ever wears is when he gets his famous orange Ki from Master Roshi as a kid. The symbol is the Turtler Hermit Symbol, also known as Master Roshi’s Symbol, which literally means Turtle in Japanese 亀. This makes sense as Master Roshi is known as the Turtle Hermit, and he runs the Turtle Martial Arts school.


Lastly there was a spot for one more on his jersey and I guess you can maybe guess what I decided to add there. :P

Photo's taken by @hiddenblade





Anyway, was quite fun and not too disappointed with the finished version. I still have a lot to learn with both inking and especially coloring, have yet to even attempt mixing colors, but thinking about trying to do this more often.

Ideas of what next to try my hand at are welcomed, but keep in mind nothing too detailed or that might take me a week to finish. Preferably something anime style'd.

Thanks for reading!


A detail that I really like is that you expose your thoughts while drawing, is the best thing that happens when one is creating, the internal dialogue is what ends up expelling the creative result, I loved seeing the Hive e logo. Goku's shirt, I really like that we all can have the ability to create our own worlds through art, I hope you can continue having free space to make art, thank you very much for your post.

Bruuuuuh, This is so dope!

I knew it is going to be Goku but this outcome is truly something I haven't expected.. level of details and colours combo in this sketch is Awesome.

Wow, this is really well done. Dragon ball was one of the first anime I watched, so seeing art of them is always exciting. Since you've done Goku, might as well do the other characters haha

Really good a bit angrier than the usual Goku though 😂. Good job mate

Must've been when Japan were getting kicked out of the worldcup :p

Looking great! How much time did you spend on it?

A few hours I think, it's been so long I drew I had to take breaks now and then as my hand would start hurting or I noticed not putting in effort after a while which makes my lines look bleh. This happened again during the coloring but decided to power through, maybe it shows. xD


WowoW, I really didn't know about that, you are so good with pencils and colors 😍
I thought/think you as HIVE WHALE only HEHE 😜
And there were lots of good/bad feeling with it 😅

I always like this shading thing (I am zero in that part...)
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day to you!

Finally you drew something. XD Markers are awesome you were missing out a lot

With Goku in team Hive we will win every cup! Clean pencil work. You should definitely take some time to draw more often. My suggestion for the next drawing would be a Pokemon... except Mew! :p

Easy peasy, Son Goku. I love to draw anything Dragon Ball anime characters. :D

The quality of the drawing is very good, I loved the colors, I should draw frequently because as they say, practice makes perfect, and where there is talent there is talent. Greetings from Cuba, Don't lose the idea of ​​continuing drawing, let's hope to see new works soon.

Man! but what a great drawing you shared today, I really like your style, Goku was great and with the gradients you used in the part of the shadows and depths you were too amazing.

This is class man, the difference it makes when inking the lines is amazing. I'm not much of an artist, but I occasionally draw maps which I have some fun with.

I'm not sure about what you could draw next, but since you said anime style, how about Kaneda from Akira? Maybe standing in front of his bike.

Haha I've drawn him in the past, will think about it!

I don't really have a lot of ideas for anime characters, I only like a few, Akira, Attack on Titan, and a couple others.

Cool though, looking forward to seeing the next drawing regardless.

Haha that's so cool. The Hive logo goes perfectly with it lol.

But is he going to play soccer or fight? 😬

Beautiful uniform, on the other hand the painting looks good, the colors very striking and the shadows well applied.

Sure, this comment is from an amateur painter, maybe a professional one could tell you more about it haha.

This is Soo awesome, goku in the national team uniform, guess every outfit looks good on him, cause he is the goat.

wow i envy artsy people when i try to draw something all i get is a stick figure 😂

Very nice! You should draw more often!! !PIZZA !DHEDGE

excellent illustration 👍
I am team Goku and Vegeta

Wonderful! You are really good at it. I can draw a bit but this is superb.

Wow! This is really awesome , I enjoyed all the creative process , from the initial sketch to inking was really awesome ! Nice piece

So I was right, I commented on it in X"

Wow, this is really perfect work.

This is really a great work keep it up
Nice one

waw you can draw very well 🙂 Maybe Draw some Pokemon?

Sure but feels like they're most of the time way too quick to draw

So then you need a good challange 😁 But I think this one will be easy to draw for you 🙂 My favorite Pokemon is Ash Greninja. Would be so cool if you could draw this Pokemon.

Once youve started inking the outlines, the picture really started to pop up and come alive.

This is really a great work 👏

Bro, this reminds me of Captain Tsubasa 🙂 I love the series 😎

Haha didn't even think about that, nostalgia!

Wah you got talent for drawing for sure!
The Japan jersey looks great on Goku 😁

Love this new version of Goku!

@tipu curate

Wow what a beauty it turned out beautiful God bless your hands you have a lot of talent

I don't know why, but Captain Tsubasa came to mind. Awesome!

You've blown my mind with this.
I think i.should look into more coloring art and animation character.

Yeah you've probably already mastered your technique by now. :D Give it a try!

Oh btw, noticed you're voting for earn.hive as witness, could you please not do that? Witnesses who "bribe" their way higher in the rankings are bad for the platform as it's an attack vector to governance.

Incredible art, really amazing detail by detail.

@brataka did you see this dope thing?

Amazing work

Are you accepting commissions? Can you draw my profile picture? 😏

Could think of a lot more fun things to draw than punks. xD

Such as? 😏


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That means that the drawing you have of Mew was made by you... I always wondered if you had it made or what... but going back to the drawing... it looks excellent ;) a Goku penalty must hurt the goalkeeper xD

That was actually by @hiddenblade, one of her only commissions I think. xD

I should try digital art as well but with the pace I've started drawing after getting my markers it's probably going to take another 9 months

Wow, beautiful. Congratulations, the more you practice the better you will get. I recommend you make a pikachu hehehe successes.