Portrait Painting In Gouache: Smooth Operator's Sade 🎷 🧡❤️💃🏻

in #hive-174301 • 3 months ago (edited)

These days music has become one of my major source of inspiration for ideas. I mean when I get into something, I get into it :D I was listening to Careless Whisper and I already had an idea to work on but then my playlist changed it to "Smooth Operator" and well... everything changed in an instant. My heart was already set on the album cover and I really wanted to paint Sade.

The picture also served to be a good portrait study. I had some changes around the chin as I was feeling a little playful in the process. My object was to do some value study anyway. I don’t know why but that song of her's always gives me very detective-y vibes. And I really love her attire in the music video too. I think you might have already gotten a hint for tomorrow’s artwork from this post ;) So, I will crack on with it :P

The first picture is a monochrome before the original colors. I am always checking the monochrome version/ black and white version of my artworks once they are finished and I have to say sometimes they end up looking even better than the original ones!

Let me know what you guys think. I love to hear from you! 🧡

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Keep Creating

Lots Of Love <3


Nice work

Thank you!

i think the drawing is really good... i like the contrast between the face and the background.... i haven't heard her before, but while reading your post i searched it on utube and listening to it right now.... Has a nice rhythm, good for a flowing work like painting....

Yes, I really wanted to play with some contrast. I nearly went with a grey/yellow combination but somehow changed it at the last moment :)
Glad you are enjoying the songs! She has a great voice.

Beautiful. Keep creating.

Thank you very much!
Yes, that’s the goal :)

Love is found <3 I love Sade. Your picture is really great.

Thank you so much! 🧡🧡
I love her too :)

I love Sade, she has one of the most beautiful voices. So velvety, smooth, jazzy. Nice art! Thank you for sharing!

I know right! I could just sleep with her music on lol. Thank you 🧡

Yes, it's fantastic. Welcome!

Thank you 😊

Love it!

Thank you!

Just wow.

Thank you very much :)

Wow. Beautiful work.

Thank you so much! :)

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