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Hello friends of #Hiveblog, today I want to share with you my first entry to the @Splinterlands contest.

For this opportunity take the #Runemancer-kye card.

I loved this piece, from the beginning the concept of mermaid and harpy seems beautiful to me, besides the reference (original drawing) is very well done and honestly I had no vision of what I could improve at first glance, so I decided to adapt it a little to my style and I think I got a pretty nice piece.



PROCESS - copia (3).jpg

PROCESS - copia (6).jpg

Runemancer Kye.png

PROCESS - copia (4).jpg

To begin to fit this piece I went directly to stain, I almost never work this way, I usually make a sketch far away, but let's say I dared.

I started to put strokes and shapes until I was satisfied with the result.

Let's say I treated the piece like a painting.

I used some base tones and then I tried many lights.
You can see the whole process in the steps of the drawing.


In the end my result is very different from the reference, but I loved it, I find it a refreshing vision of the original piece, and I feel satisfied to have been able to achieve that evil aura that the character has.


PROCESS - copia (5).jpg

PROCESS - copia (2).jpg

I hope you like my piece.

PROCESS - copia.jpg


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