She makes the flowers glow| Watercolor portrait painting 🎨

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The painting I made today was based on a photograph found in Pinterest. I was so joulous to the model on how beautiful she was. I felt the beauty of the flowers in the picture were faded because of her presence.

Here's my painting for today. 🌺

also included some pictures of the drawing process so you guys will have a good view of how I made it

I made the basic sketch with black ball point pen first. This phase finished within 20 to 30 minutes.

Started washing the canvas and painting with light colours. My intention was to slowly add saturation layer by layer.

This time I used more contrasty version of previously used colours on top of the dry portion of the first layer. Almost finished and let the paper dry for some minutes.

The painting was inspired from...

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She looks absolutely pretty,such a nice idea you had for this artwork!

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@ayana511 good job 👍 your colour mixing is amazing .😍