The Bath| Watercolor portrait painting 🎨

in Sketchbook7 months ago

Hi all,
I am back with another Watercolour portrait painting of another random model. I hope you all would like my painting.
Here is my painting for today.🌺

also included some pictures of the drawing process so you guys will have a good view of how I made it

I couldn't make and post any portrait yesterday. This was because I was in a function in my mom's house. I was there in her house for the whole day. At today early morning we came back to our home. Whenever I reached back here I started making one drawing.

I will be coming in future with more stuff like this, and I hope for your great support from your side will be there.

The painting was inspired from...

Thanks for visiting... Thanks for supporting so far....
See you in the next post ♥️



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