I'm doing OK! And yes. Curation is keeping me so busy I barely have time to make a post or comment. I love getting bigger votes for others, though!
I hope all is going well for you, too. ❤️
I love how well the Alphabethunt is doing!

Same here, everything ok, busy busy, and will also be less there if I find a job, which I begin to feel the necessity if I want to go on having a roof, i'm running out of the money I'm living on since the restaurant closed..two years ago now 😉 What am I saying ? I don't want a job, I just want money ! 😄 and patrons, so that the artist can do what she does the best 😁

I sincerely believe you must look into creating your own job. I'm not sure how this applies but when I saw this article I thought of you.

×if that link doesn't work look up if-you-can-draw-it-you-can-wear-it-clothing-startup

Ya, I know what you mean Mel, I know I have gold in my hand but my problem is I'm not a business girl, I do not have this skill that is to build a business, this is huge to be creating, this eats all my time but with passion, and I feel distressed when thinking to everything I SHOULD DO if I wanted to make that for a living, this would just destroy my desire of creating...I think this is the reason why either artists have agents, or they have someone to partner with who has the business skill and would be complementary with someone who has the creative skill...

Thanks for the link, Mel, that's very interesting of course...

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