Jasper Beardley: My Simpsons Weekly Painting

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Jasper Beardly7.png

This particular character has been ever since the inception of the sitcom. But the sad thing is that his name isn't always mentioned, his full name especially. I guess only Simpsons fans know what it is.

The reference I got for Jasper Beardley was a thumbnail, so I had to improvise at certain points as regards the size hence the shaky line art at first....... hope you love it.....

Jasper Beardly7.png

The process.....
Jasper Beardly.png

Jasper Beardly1.png

Jasper Beardly2.png

Jasper Beardly3.png

Jasper Beardly4.png

Jasper Beardly5.png

Jasper Beardly6.png

Jasper Beardly7.png

As always, it's been a pleasure hosting you, thanks for the visit.