Alex Minecraft But It's Anime Version

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Hello guys! What's up? I hope u have fun.

I was looking through my old Minecraft animation. Well, u know? I used to be an animator in my YouTube channel named Frianz 13. So i'm just re-watch the Minecraft animations i've made before. But there's one of my video thumbnails that made me interested. The thumbnail shows Alex Minecraft standing with a bow. That's a thumbnail of my animated video called "Archery Practice".

U know Alex, right? Minecraft has two default skins, namely Steve and Alex. I'm gonna talk about Alex. She is my favorite default skin. She has orange hair, pale skin, green eyes, and slim arms. She wears a light green shirt, brown pants, and a pair of gray boots. And i'm interested in drawing Alex in the thumbnail, but in the anime version.

Well, as usual, i prepared a drawing book, pencil, eraser, and colored pencils. First, i drew the stick-figure sketch of Alex's body.

Then i drew the body based on the sketch.

Erase the unnecessary lines.

After that i drew the outfit.

Then i added the face, hair, fingers, and bow.

And lastly, i color it.

Umm... i think the colors aren't too similar, but it's ok.

Alright, that's all the steps of my drawing. Oh, and u can also watch my Minecraft animation here. I've made this about a year ago, exactly on July 5, 2021.

Well guys, thanks a bunch for your visit. I'm sorry if there's something wrong in this post.

See u later!