Sketchbook BONUS - Hands in any pose Tutorial (With Video)

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Hello and happy Wednesday!

A friend asked me how to draw hands this morning. I am self taught and no expert, but I figured it would be fun to create a quick and easy tutorial on the way I usually do it. These aren't perfect (I used emojis as reference haha) due to the fact that I didn't want to have them wait a whole week for a tutorial due to me going all ocd over every detail.

Step 1 - The palm - Start with a basic square shaped, with the top line being slightly slanted so that the side that'll have the thumb is slightly longer.

Step 2 - Wrist Placement - Draw a circle at the base of the previous shape to indicate the wrist.

Step 3 - Thumb Placement - Add a circle on the longer side of the base shape, this is going to be the base of your thumb.

Step 4 - Knuckles - Focusing on the pose you wish to draw, along the top of the base shape, add four small circles, these will be your knuckles.

Step 5 - Finger Pose - Draw lines from each knuckle circle, to indicate finger placement.

Step 6 - Finger joints - First bend - Indicate where fingers will bend, keeping in mind difference in finger lengths.

Step 7 - Fingertips - At the top of the finger lines, add a small circle to indicate fingertip and also finger length.

Step 8 - Thumb - Connect wrist and thumb base circles with line, keeping finger pose in mind.

Step 9 - Thumb Position - To thumb base, add a line indicating thumb placement.

Step 10 - Outline - Using a simple outline, go ahead and draw you hand!

Step 11 - Finishing Touches - Clean up drawing, add details like shading or colour, go crazy! I kept mine simple for reasons I have already mentioned, but from this step it should be pretty easy to get the desired effect for whatever you are attempting to draw.


Hope this will be helpful/useful to someone!

Till next time, stay positive and creative my friends! Much love.

Credit - All work and photos belong to me.
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thank you for your artistic sharing

🥰Hope it motivates more people to believe that they can draw!

Hands are hard and you can do hands!

@aimeludick a tip for you!

Thank you! 😁 they are very hard to do yes, but this really helps. Anyone can do it if they know the cheats 😅