Thank you very much
You speak like an artist
I couldn't cover for the error on the forehead.. I added way too much pressure on that contour.. lesson learnt😅

Hahaha. We had a lot of ballpoint pen session in college, I kinda hated it at first but it became therapeutic along the way. Not my favorite medium but I think you're a fast learner. :D That's the problem with pens, there's no erasure hahah

Lol, that's really cool, You had an art community in school.
I started using it during the lockdown in 2020, I was broke and couldn't get pencils. So I had to learn to use the Pen. I kinda like the No Erasure Idea tho.. it makes me think creatively to improvise

I studied fine arts in college so yeah we did a lot of shit by force hahah. True! It also makes you disciplined and patient. :D

Lol.. that's really cool, I'm considering joining an arts school/academy once I'm done with university