Digital Freehand #02.

in Sketchbook4 months ago


Tools that I used for this drawing: (I) Adobe Illustrator, (II) Lightshot.


This is the original picture that I tried to recreate.
Source link.

Steps that I followed for the drawing:

Step 1: I drew the outline first where I extended the body of the woman from my idea.


Step 2: Then I colored the face, body and the shirt.


Step 3: Then I colored the hair and the pant and I finished coloring the art.


Step 4: I used a background picture from online to make the drawing looks better.


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Background Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay.


So nice drawing. @tipu curate 4

nice colors man, and your character is definitely cute

Thanks. And yes, she is cute.

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