Sour Pressure - Inktober days 9 and 11

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The mother of all conspiracy theories.

There is and never has been a perfect housewife. The kind that magazines from the 40's to 60's until this day have been telling about and glorifying. They simply do not exists. If a perfect house wife with a perfect hair, figure, clothes, obeying children, always on time with perfect food is not a total basket case and an alcoholic, perhaps some drug addiction going on there too, the perfect housewife has to be a robot.

A robot built and invented by worldwide magazine Illuminati to sell magazines to house wives all over the world so that ordinary wives can see all their flaws compared to a perfect house wife robot, a tireless machine that never sleeps and has only one goal; to please everyone else and ignore their own needs and wants. To settle for cooking and cleaning although brain could be solving mind blowing mathematical equations. To make family happy and carry on with only occasional thank yous although their heart would crave for proper recognition; pile of money and a Nobel price.

Actually it's not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact.

So consider yourself warned. Some day. Some wonderfully warm and sunny day. Your perfect house wife has left the building. And there's only a note on the fridge that says:

"Made macaroni and cheese for you for the rest of your life. It's in the freezer. Went out to invent and grow a new planet."

And that's only the best case scenario. Your perfect house wife could also unplug the freezer. Or stuck you in it and put it on quick freeze. You with your mother. Along with that co-worker of yours who you so often have to work overtime with.

And then they could use that perfect brain of theirs and become your boss. Or your president! Or the master of the universe!

Did I get all the stereotypical house wife issues here or what?!

Here are the almost but not quite done stages.


I had a second topic too.



This is the same house wife, after world domination, showing their true identity, a robot on the inside, vicious and cruel killer on the outside, feeling pressure on not killing their opponent because they promised to play by the rules and the rules clearly say that in the case of large sums of money, bluffing, loosing or winning, you shall not kill your opponent and after the game you have to give them two days head start before you begin to hunt them down.


Love these designs!

Keep them coming!

Thank you so much! I'll try my best. :)

I demand to know how you traveled back to January 1st 1970.
Screenshot (12).jpg

Uh, sorry. I really should start logging out of the past before I do things in the present. But it's so boring sometimes because there either is no internet at all or it's really slow. So you see it's a bit tempting to multitask and do things in both worlds at the same time, past and the present.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was starting to worry I might have been seeing things...

I knew it, I just fuckin knew it. That's where everything went wrong. Can you please explain to my wife that sex 6 times a day (8 on Saturday, cause you know it's Saturday...) 4 course meals prepared every meal time, on time, and an immaculately clean house are perfectly normal requests .

Oh shit I read that wrong cause I was too busy looking at the pictures... Now I'm going to have to deal with the consequences...

Can someone help me move my freezer out of the house please?


Oh man are you in trouble now. :D

I' sending you freezer moving help. Tomorrow. Oh wait, tomorrows tomorrow. Oh wait no, that's not right. Some day after tomorrow, okay? So help is on the way.

Tomorrow or the day after will be fine, by then it will be too late. Mecha wife will awaken and that's me.

I hope the carve a eulogy on my freezer

I'm sure someone already has established a company that does that. Carves eulogies to freezers. In case people get really, really, really stuck.

If not they should. It would be a great business plan.

Yep umbrella academy had it right

Ha! Exactly! I love that series.

Ahhahahha, better not marry then! 😂

I blame too high expectations. And the Magazine Illuminati of course.

This made me laugh....lolol

But I do know one perfect housewife.

So....sorry..I just blew your whole conspiracy theory. Cuz if one exists.... there might be two.

Although....she may still do that Mac and cheese freezer note.


I'll be sure to let you know if she snaps!!!! But she's my idol!!!! Lol

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked! :)

*cough * (a robot) *cough * (obviously robot.) *cough cough *
Some call it snapping, I call it returning to their true self and obeying their true nature.

noooooooooooo LOL please don't take away my superhero!!!!!! LOL



so wrong.


She is my NEO!!!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

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Manual selection by @fermentedphil.

Thank you! :)

My pleasure. Loved the explanation and reasoning behind the work. Keep up the awesome work.

Thank you! Sometimes the hardest thing is to make up a some story to the pictures, although I know it's not necessary but I want to do it anyway, but not in this case. The reasoning was in my head ready to be written.

It makes the art more "authentic" (if I can use that loaded term) if you have a story or explanation that goes with it. Or, it makes the are more believable. It shows the thoughts of the artist, otherwise, the viewer is left with control of the creation process. Or that is just my view. There are so many theories about who actually creates meaning in art, the viewer, the artist, the system in which the art is produced, etc. etc.

That's what I think too. The creation process truly is part of the finished piece and it sometimes gives a deeper meaning to the art and sometimes changes the way we see or feel about the art.

So true. Few understand this. Presenting only the artwork sometimes leaves the viewer wanting more. Often I walk in art galleries that are mostly void of explanation. I find myself yearning to communicate with the artist, not necessarily to find out more about the deeper meaning per se, but just to understand the creative process as you mentioned as well.

Also I love watching the art process which, in my opinion, is art too. The journey to the finished product.

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