Rural Life - Original Watercolor Painting

in Sketchbook7 months ago


Intro- A view of the countryside. My painting's subject was situated in ctg hill tracts area.

Processing Photos:






Art type-

Material Used-
• Sketchbook
• Brush type: round
• Brush size: 0,1,5,8
• Watercolors
• Palette
• Container of water
• Empty jar & tissue papers

The painting is painted and captured by me.

The major subjects of the painting:

Thank you-
I hope you all enjoyed reading and relating. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. Support me by commenting, reblogging, and liking. You may visit my blog for a variety of artworks, crypto discussions, and sports discussions. My expertise in the artwork is watercolor and sketching. I occasionally write about crypto. I love football and sometimes keep my ears for spicy updates on sports. Do share your review, it will guide me to make some better content. Thank you all.

Be artistic, imaginative, do not construct like an architect, you are an artist!

Kinab (4).gif


Cool... I like this work ☺👌👌🍷

Thank you!

Npr ☺👌

What a talent! Really, a beautiful one ;)

I also paint but on wet-on-wet, not really that good, but on some occasions it is my go-to stress reliever. That was more than two years ago, I miss painting upon seeing your creation.

It really doesn't matter whether the output is good or bad. If it relieve your stress hormone then do it regular basis. Best wishes.

Yeah, bc in art, every artwork is just a practice. I remember my sister who is never satisfied of her artworks, but tbh all are really great. She usually paint from her emotions and inspirations from her activities. She sell some, while others are framed on our walls.

Yes, some artists are like that, I would say most artists are like that. We care not fully satisfied with our own pieces.

beautiful painting😍

Thank You

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Thank you. It's always a pleasure getting curated by this beautiful team.

Hermoso trabajo de acuarela @kinab, me encanto!

Thank You

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