My landscape pencil drawing "Lake and Mountain scenery"

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Hello everyone! I just want to share this landscape graphite pencil sketch of "lake and mountain" that I just finished drawing today. Making landscape scenery art like this using just graphite pencils is quite challenging. To bring life to a scenery drawings like this one most people usually put colors in it so for me it is really challenging to bring life to a landscape drawings using just graphite pencil because to pop up the image on this drawing I need to be careful on putting highlights and shadows and that takes plenty of my time so I really need to be patient to finish this kind of drawings/sketches.

Drawing Materials and Process

  • graphite pencil 2B, 4B and 8B
  • rubber eraser
  • sketchpad 12×18
  • cotton
  • charcoal powder

My drawing process:



On almost all of my pencil drawings I usually started on drawing the outline using light graphite pencil(2B), then after the outline I proceed on on shading the part of the image with the lightest shade using 4B graphite pencil.



Then after shading the part with lighter color, I proceed on adding some details on the image like shadows and highlights using pencil or rubber eraser for the highlights and 8B graphite pencil for darker details and shadow.



And lastly I used cotton for spreading the charcoal powder faster and easily for the lake's surface, then I add more darker shades, highlights and other main details for the final touch..


That's all, here's the final result of my "lake and mountain scenery" pencil drawing, hope you like my drawing and enjoy its drawing process. Thanks for dropping by.



What a beautiful drawing friend, I loved it. Your talent is fascinating. I wish you all the success in the world, take care of yourself. Ahh by the way, I would like to see the videos of your drawings.

Thank you sara as always 😁, and take care also.. I really tried making timelapse video but the video ends up very bad haha, maybe I will try practicing taking and editing my video..

Great job on this artistic creation..Keep it up bro!

Salamat ng marami bro..

I like what you have done my friend, works well in pencil, why not have ago with watercolor and do the same picture see how it turns out. :D

Thanks mate! I'd also love to try watercolor as well, but I don't have watercolor and any coloring materials right now, maybe in the near future....