Digital painting || The Carmichael from The Umbrella Academy

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Hey hivers, does this look familiar to any of you? Yes, its the fish guy from umbrella academy. This character is also present in some comics, i am not a comic reader so i don't know exactly which comics has this character.
I know that umbrella academy has. Because i love that show. The show is a little weird but i really like it because of klaus and five and also because theres time travel.

Now this character is seen in season 2 and spoilers ahead..............

got smashed is water tank by number five and got eaten by the handler.... oops...

I wanted to draw this because i thought this would be a great practice with color. Because i used so many colors into this, colors that weren't even there....
I loved the end result btw.

Do you like it? Let me know your thoughts on this one.

I used photoshop cc 2019 version to painting this painting.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2515.png
Screenshot 2516.png

Screenshot 2517.png

Screenshot 2518.png
Screenshot 2519.png
Screenshot 2520.png
Screenshot 2521.png

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nice i like it

Thank you....☺️

Wow that´s amazing!!! I love that serie!!!

thanks. I love that series too