Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 29 - Hairy Bonobo

Hello everyone! Greetings to you all.

Today, I present to you my new pen drawing for the daily drawing challenge day 29 with the theme "hairy". The work is a drawing of a hairy animal known as "Bonobo".


When I saw today's prompt, the question I asked myself was, "which animal thst has hairs do I love to draw?" It didnt take me quite long to answer that. The only thing that came to my mind was an Ape.

This order of primate can also be referred to as pygmy chimpanzee. It is my favourite animals I love to draw largely because they possess a lot of human characters (when compared with other animals) and numerous furs on their bodies that one can work on - these thick hairs known as furs protect their skins from the harsh climate.

The work was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. Below are my steps:




#DDC is a 30-day drawing challenge that was brought up to enable us enhance our creativity, have daily goals, improve our engagement and get to link up with our fellow artist.

If you are an artist and you want to strengthen your skills, do well to join our dailydrawingchallenge challenge. The prompt has been made so that one wouldn't find it difficult to think of what to draw. You can join us any day that suits you.

prompt for the challenge

Thank you.


The Bonobos are one of our sacred animals in DRC Congo.
Very nice, I love it.

Oh really? I never new about that. I thought they were endangered and hunted down over there. Thanks for letting me know👍

Wow really a pen master at drawing I've also being working on a little draw with a pen but it's no where near your. And u draw thing like this daily. Thumbs up

Yeah, the more you draw/practice, the better you become. Not a pen master thought. Still trying to get better.

How do you manage to draw do well,with a pen 😍

I just kept practicing. Laying shades and leaving light where necessary.
Thank you for asking.

Exelente dibujo, me agrado, te dejo mi voto, gracias por compartir.

Gracias por venir y apoyar mi trabajo👍

Amazing piece, very expressive eyes!

Thank you friend🤗

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Wow! Thanks so much. Really appreciate👍🤓

Now that's something really hairy . nicely Done!

Haha, thank you buddy.

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You showed me how to paint step by step. I think it's very successful.

Glad you've picked something from my work. Hoping to see how you apply them soon.

Wonderful work, as always. Thanks for sharing, Maxwell!

Thanks buddy. Glad you love this one as well.

How easy you are to draw, I imagine you doing the drawing and you must finish it in minutes. That little chimp is beautiful, with a very tender look, I liked it very much. I am a faithful admirer of your art, dear @maxwellmarcusart, master of the blue pen. A big hug and my humble support for your beautiful work.


Thank you dear. It takes a whole lot of time to complete it - from getting the accurate outline sketch to adding shades. I don't always check time though cause it might bore me, I just enjoy the flow of the work until I'm done.
I'm a lover of blue ink!

Thanks for being a faithful admirer of my work👍