Digital Painting Timelapse: Chilling on the Beach at Agawa Bay Lake Superior Canada

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Here is my latest Digital painting from the Beach at Agawa Bay, Lake Superior Canada. This is near the Lake Superior Provincial Park on the Eastern Shore of Lake Superior. Beautiful white Sand Dunes, clear blue water and lots of fresh air. I think it’s the most beautiful place on earth.


Timelapse Video showing my drawing / painting process :

These are a few images showing my process...




The final piece looks more like oil pastel than oil paint.


Here is my Autodesk Sketchbook workspace with my original photograph at top. Final step .... go back with a pencil tool and add some details, sharpen up some edges.



Enjoyed watching the video. Interesting how it almost looks hazy at the end :)

Thanks ... I’m not sure why it looks like that from my screen shots ... I notice it’s always blurred out. Might be a memory problem on my iPad ? I need to try some different brushes to sharpen things up.

That's strange. I don’t know if memory has anything to do with the hazy screenshots..? 🤔

I notice that the brush I am using seems to create a double line as I play with the flow rate .... you can see it from the people I drew on the beach on the right.... it has a motion blur effect .... I will need to experiment some more

Ah I see what you mean! A little less blurry now :)

I went back with a pencil tool to clean up some of the lines..... a little less blurry now.


Actually clouds in your drawing looks more realistic than the photo one... Wonderful...

Have a nice day...

Thanks .... I’m still working on it. Hope I don’t wreck it. I guess that’s what is great about Digital... I have all my progress versions saved.

Hello my dear friend. a digital painting that looks quite beautiful. it looks like a really oily pastel. congratulations. have a nice day

Thanks. Just some experiments. Trying to understand these tools.

Wow, exelente trabajo que esplayaste en este post, te dejo mi voto, gracias por compartir.

This looks very beautiful, someone already said it, it has a really nice oil painting look... What kind of textures did u use for the trees in the corner? I always struggle drawing trees that are far away....

Used a brush and a pencil and a smudge stick on Autodesk sketchbook.

hi, wonderful a digital drawing.

Thank you very much