Daily Drawing Challenge day 26: Dog

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I remember I once cried when I had to watch our dying dog being put out of his misery, in a very gruesome way. The thing there are some people groups in my country that are known for eating dog meat as a favorite delicacy. So we gave "Jack" to some of these people who killed and bagged him right in front of our eyes. I cried a river as I was still only a little boy!

I did this drawing with a single 2H graphite pencil only, I planned to use darker grades but found out that was enough for what I was going for. And so here's my sketch for today's challenge with the topic "Dog" and the only progress shot I managed to take...


You like?

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It's a pity jack just died like that.
Anyways, I love this piece. Quite a unique style.

I think mankind must need more PEACE AND LOVE.
Thank you.
Thank you.