Athena DTIYS

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Hey there

Today I have a drawing I made for a DTIYS (Draw This in your style) on Instagram. I've always thought they were kind of fun, but I've never actually participated in one before. So when I found this one by Nikkirog of the Greek goddess Athena, I figured it might be fun to join in.


My drawing is the one on the left and ended up looking a bit different from most of my other drawings. I was trying to draw the eyes a bit differently than I usually do and so her face ended up looking a bit more pointy than my usual drawings. All things considered I think it turned out pretty okay, although I can't really figure out if I hate it or love it. If you want to see my Instagram post you can see it here here and if you want to see some of the other people who joined the challenge It's under the #nikkirog2k hashtag :) I hope you all have a lovely day


Hi there I'm scarlet-rain a 19 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing anime style drawings and animations in my spare time. I also post on Instagram