Sad girl

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Hey there

Today I have yet another drawing I made for a DTIYS (Draw This in your style) on Instagram. This time it was a purple fairy girl and was made by lineartbymc. If you want to see their drawing you can see it here. i choose to draw this one because of the lighting. I don't usually work with strong lighting and so i thought it would be a fun opportunity to try something new. It was pretty difficult to get it right, and I had some trouble with the colors. I think it turned out pretty decently though. That's about it for now though, I hope you all have a lovely day


Hi there I'm scarlet-rain a 19 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing anime style drawings and animations in my spare time. I also post on Instagram


Stunning digital work. I can see that from her expression and the year drops in her eyes that she is really sad.