Water goddess

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Hey there

So many years ago, my class got an assignment in school to make our own religions in small groups. My group of friends and I decided to make a religion based on the four elements. This meant that we among other things had to draw our gods, and i ended up having to draw the water goddess. All in all the project was fun and i was quite happy with the drawing (even though the legs are terrifying, and i had no idea how to draw hands)


A couple of years ago i tried redrawing the drawing, but i was never really happy with the result. Although the legs were less terrifying, and i at least tried to draw hands, i felt like it didn't really have the same feel as the first one. I did like the coloring of the dress though.


And that brings us to today. Since i wasn't really happy with the second one, I decided to try and redrawing it once again. And this time around i was actually pretty happy with the result. I tried to make the hair look more like the original and a bit more cartoon like, I also changed the dress up a bit. Something about the coloring bothers me a bit though, so i might have to get back to working on it at some point. Anyways that's all for now :)


Hi there I'm scarlet-rain a 19 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing anime style drawings and animations in my spare time.


We do see the progress in your drawings many years apart.

Thanks, Vincent :)

the character looks very perfect and the blue color suits her very well to be a girl with water powers

Thank you very much 😀

Wow! I was looking at your art from 3 years ago. You still have the same style just more skill! I'm glad i got to see your artworks!😲 😸

Thank you very much :D I actually hadn't thought about it, but you're right, it's kind of funny how little a persons style changes over time

wow such an amazing art work of yours 😍🙏
She is really very beautiful.

Thank you very much :)