Yellow flower girl

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girl with big hairsmalestl.jpg

Hey there

Todays drawing is a quick drawing i made today. For a while I've wanted to draw someone with completely black hair. That way i could color it with a singular color, since i really like the look that has, so here we are. It was a pretty quick drawing but it was a lot of fun to draw (especially the hair)

girl with big hair.jpg

Hi there I'm scarlet-rain a 19 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing anime style drawings and animations in my spare time.


This is really beautiful. I love anime sketches too.
What do you use in doing your sketches?

aw thank you :) when i draw digitally i draw using an open-source graphics editor named Krita

Oh, nice. I will have to check that up. Is it difficult to use?

It's not too bad, I haven't had any trouble with it. The layout is fairly intuitive and easy to use :)

Great then, I will surely check it out for myself. Thanks

sure thing, happy to help

That is really beautiful and yet she looks somewhat sad too...

thank you :) It's funny i didn't even notice that while i was drawing, but you're right, she does seem somewhat sad

This is so beautiful ❤️🥺