The new tiny sparrow. (Oil on paper)

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A nice and happy Monday to all hivers here! I hope your start of the week is going well! Here is another grey day and I think we have to wait some other days before to enjoy the warm part of this Springtime. Today, like every Monday, I'm free from the work in the bookstore, so I have the entire day to work on my art and this make me feel really good. ^_^
My obsession for the tiny (fat) bird continue and today I want to show you my latest paper doll in form of sparrow:



Like the previous ones I shared with you, I created this (fat) sparrow using my oil colors on a scrap of 300 gsm paper I had in our lab (we use to collect sheets and scraps of different kind of papers). It was funny, fast and the result is nice, I think. ^_^

In the following pics, you can see the "behind the scenes" of this new bird:




I hope you like it! Stay tuned to see some new similar ones. ^_^
See ya soon and stay safe,

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