📷 My new cityscape on the shore

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Have a nice day! Good evening to all my friends and my favorite subscribers. Today I will show my new painting, which is simply called "On the embankment" :-)


It is painted on cardboard 50x40 in size, and this time I drew with acrylic paints. First, I made the necessary under-painting, drew the sky with clouds and started planning the objects of my future painting.


I wanted to draw a small bridge across the river and a beautiful pavement of multicolored cobblestones. I've liked pavements for a long time, probably since childhood, when I tried to step on every pebble laid out in an unusual and incomprehensible order to me :-)

But the pavement is still far away, so the first thing I did was to mark out the silhouettes of buildings in the background.


They will be different for me and not only multi-storey, but also very low... Of course, she has already shown the water, and the design of the embankment shore, and a small descent to the water. I have already marked trees and some vegetation between the houses in some places. Then she began to prepare
the background for the pavement and sidewalk itself.


Recently, I have become more attracted to urban landscapes. And what do you like to draw?

I like to draw houses, although I probably like landscapes the most.


So my pavement was outlined on the bank in front of the river. Of course, boats will also float on the river. What does this place remind you of?


Did you like how I made the reflection of the windows in the water?
I will be glad of your comments and advice. I'm not a professional artist, but only an amateur, so your opinion is very important to me.


Well, in the end, I also took these photos of my painting in a special program.











If you like my drawings, then check them out here!
Thank you for supporting me in my work! Your advice helps me a lot!
I published many of my works in this portfolio on the website "Deviant Art", and in General, during the year of painting, I drew more than 100 paintings, of course some of them are just drawings, so to speak, a sample of the brush :-)

But there are also good paintings that have received approval even from professional masters of painting!

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!
Best wishes!


Very beautiful work. Well done! 👌

Thank you so much for your attention.
I'm glad you liked my picture :-)

Lovely painting 😻

Thanks :-)

замечательная картина! домики чудесные и речка и лодка. это точно Венеция! 😀 я, правда, там ни разу не была, но, думаю, там все именно такое и есть 😀 и вообще это очень напоминает Италию. обработка прикольная. ты новенькие нашла 😀 надо будет как-нибудь попробовать свои картинки в такой программе 😁 умничка! как всегда ярко, празднично и позитивно!!!!!

Спасибо, Натуля! Ты меня всегда поддерживаешь! Для меня это очень ценно.

Рада что тебе понравилась моя новая картина :-)
И ты конечно же угадала я как раз пыталась изобразить Венецию...

Я учусь у тебя смелости в рисовании 😀 ты выбираешь довольно сложные сюжеты со множеством мелких деталей. А ты была в Венеции? Мы не были, и честно говоря, не знаю или я хочу туда 😁 мне кажется, что там очень сыро и много комаров 😂😂😂

Я не была, но сын ездил, но ему не понравилось :-( Та от этих многочисленных каналов сильно воняло, хотя моя подруга ездила каждый год, очень любит этот город. Я была в Мурано, там классно и туристов гораздо меньше было.