Autocad 3D Modelling: Chess Piece - Horse (The Mad Horse)

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Hello Hivers!

I'm finally down to my 3rd chess piece design and this time, I will be featuring the Knight or what we generally called the Horse. When Chess reached Europe, the concept behind Chess became a royal court rather than a battlefield, and the horse was rechristened as a Knight. Source The horse moves in L-shape form of blocks on chess board. They can jump over other pieces and move along as long as it patterns out the L-shape. For me, horse is next to the queen in terms of versatility.


Among all chess pieces design, the horse is the most challenging one to model. For me to materialize the solid figure of it, I have to divide it into 3 forms and make sure that every sizes and dimensions of those are proportional with each other. We don't want to have a distorted output after all.

Creating the base. Outlining and revolving into its axis.
Screenshot 271.png

Screenshot 272.png

Outlining the body and the head. This is just my own design and estimate. You can use some image references.
Screenshot 278.png

Separate them into different parts with different dimensions.
Screenshot 279.pngScreenshot 281.png

Creating the lower body of our horse by lofting and tapering it to make it look like a frustum cylinder with specific path line of its lateral area,
Screenshot 282.png

Creating the main head and the horse'mane to add more aesthetic look.
Screenshot 283.png

Screenshot 284.png

Giving them their respective dimensions like the width and the height. Then combining them.
Screenshot 285.png

I also add an eye design. Just a simple one.
Screenshot 286.png

Then this, your chess piece horse!
Screenshot 287.png

Stay tuned for more 3D Designs.

"best of time"