A Supergirl / Original (Eng/Spa)

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Hello friends from #hive.blog

Sometimes to be a superhero you don't need to have super powers


She is a super girl, a daily vigilante, her life is no longer monotonous, she lives on smiles and good deeds. This beautiful girl came out of my imagination, I tried to make her very sexy and with a touch of joy on her face.

Es una superchica, una justiciera diaria, su vida ya no es monótona, vive de sonrisas y buenas obras. Esta hermosa chica salió de mi imaginación, traté de ponerla muy sexy y con un toque de alegría en su rostro.



Step by step

Paso a paso





Used materials

Black ink pen, sketch pad, some imagination.

Boligrafo de tinta negra, cuaderno de dibujo, algo de imaginacion.

With this I say goodbye until the next time, I hope you like this supergirl is something cool ☺️

Con esto me despido hasta una proxima ocasion, espero te guste esta superchica esta algo cool



I like your ink.

aww ty, same.. i love all my ink 😁☺️

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