Sketch of the Arisugawa River 20210430 / 有栖川のスケッチ20210430 (ENG/JPN)

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Golden Week started yesterday, but there was a heavy rain yesterday. It finally cleared up today, so I went to a river called Arisugawa near my house. At first, we were planning to go to the Katsura-gawa River, but we changed the destination to Arisugawa because we had to walk for about 40 minutes to get to the place where there is a restroom, and many people would have a barbecue.

Unlike the Katsura River, which is wide enough for many people to barbecue, the Arisu River is small enough for people to walk their neighbors' dogs. But it is a place with rich greenery and a field next to it. It has a suburban scenery even in Kyoto City.

The place I drew was a 7-8 minute walk from my house.

The mountains looked hazy in the distance, and the distant view was full of apartments and houses, especially small houses. And Nakakage drew a field and Arisugawa River which turned to a near view.

The building was simply painted with the flow of a river and the green of beautiful grass on both banks.

I wanted to make the green of new green more vivid, but this was the best I could do.

When I finished sketching, I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I quickly went home.

On the other hand, there are many restrooms in the Kyoto Botanical Garden, so you can sketch with ease, but it is closed because of the declaration of a state of emergency .......









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