Sketch of Ume / 梅のスケッチ (ENG/JPN)

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Today I went to Kyoto Gyoen to sketch plum blossoms for the first outdoor sketch of this year.
The plum blossoms in my neighborhood were blooming beautifully, so I thought I would be able to see many beautiful plum blossoms in Kyoto Gyoen, so I went there.

I took Kyoto bus and Kyoto city bus from my home, got off at Karasuma Marutamachi bus stop, and bought a lunch box at a nearby convenience store. You can also get there quickly from Marutamachi subway station.

Located in the center of Kyoto City, Kyoto Gyoen is a roughly rectangular park measuring approximately 700 meters from east to west and 1300 meters from north to south. The Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, excluding the Kyoto Imperial Palace, is open to the public as the "National Park" and is a place of recreation and relaxation for the citizens of Kyoto. Today, there were many people walking, shopping, riding bicycles, walking dogs and so on.

There are various kinds of plants and animals, and the season of plum, peach, cherry and flower will start soon. The plum grove is on the southwest side of Kyoto Gyoen. There are some early blooming and some late blooming of the plum trees, so it was not long before, but some plum trees were in full bloom. I sketched the first picture with Kobai and the second picture with pink Ume.

When I drew the second picture, I was hungry so I ate the bento I bought earlier, but I didn't have much energy left so I went home in the afternoon.






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