Radiant moonlit night (drawing)

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Good evening friends of this art community.

Today with a charcoal landscape, where the moon makes its radiant natural gala during a dark and cold night.

Using the scribble technique to capture the trees and vegetation that are reflected in the sketch.

The materials used. . .

_ White recycling sheet,
_ H and 6B charcoal pencils,
_ Cylindrical object for the silhouette of the moon,
Cream eraser.

After covering most of the sketch with the charcoal pencils, with my finger I blurred to leave the part where it is seen more clearly and give that real touch to the sketch.

Procedure. . .





In the center I left the part blank and I made some soft lines for the reflection of the trees and the moonlight that shines on the water.

Hoping you like this illustrated content.

Goodbye and thanks for visiting my post.