A Quick Portrait Sketch with Work In Progress Photo Story

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Hello world, welcome to my new drawing story. It seems like a long time since I posted here about my artworks and paintings, I've been down and experiencing creative block, even writing simple article is hard for me. I think watching many art vlogs and browsing art pages helped me cope with this hiatus.

Here's a quick portrait sketch inspired by a Filipino actor named Vance Larena.

I drew his portrait digitally on Procreate.


The brushes I used are Eaglehawk and Gloaming. These are my favorite since their rendering is visually traditional like. I use Eaglehawk more for the rough sketch and shading.



I am also glad to show you my work in progress journey. At first I really thought I would have him as a plain sketch using just one color, then I decided to add some blush color on his eyelids and nose. I found it cool so I decided to add more color for the background. I don't know why I chose color orange but it did a great compliment on my artwork. What do you think?


And here's the side by side comparison of the plain vs colored one. I can't decide which one shall be the finished artwork, I love them both.


Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you for dropping by.

Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated



Good illustration. !discovery 15

Thank you so much

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Thanks a lot !

it looks great