Close Up Photography: Leaf-Footed Bug Perches on the Tall Grass

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This bug belongs to Coreida or commonly known as a leaf-footed bug in the order Hemiptera. Most of the insects that comes from Hemiptera have a few characteristics, including piercing-and-sucking mouthparts, and wings (called hemielytra) which are membranous at the tips but hardened at the base. Knowing about the other sides of insects is a good way to understand how nature behaves around us. In fact, all nature pieces have their own story to tell. So, as I am not really good at breaking down the detail of their way of life, it is better to amaze the beauty of this insect that I recently captured. Gladly present you some pics of leaf-footed bug perches on the tall grass.





CameraNikon D7000
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