Why should I fire my best friend?

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  • Is this not heresy?

  • What are you saying?

  • Do you mean I should fire my best friend when we he is working with me?

  • Or I should not be friends with him again?

These are million questions that ran through my mind when I first thought about the title.

Wait, do you mean you have the title before making a post?

Who does that?

Well, I am a living example and that has a been part of me.

So to say, content writing is gradually becoming a lifestyle even though I am not consistent here, I write everyday without stress.

I am a freewriter so I write based on emotions and occurrences around me.

Back to our discussion, few months ago, when Uptrennd started becoming a desert, I was having a passion to bring forth an academy which major aim will be on sensitising newbie about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

I have not gone deep into blockchain technology but I have a strong believe that with what I knew, I can impart life and make them see the right path to cryptocurrency.

This is not my first time of having this thought but after a little while the passion was subdued late last year due to some circumstances that require my utmost attention.

The feeling came back and I decided to hint my friend about it.

It was going on well and I was busy preparing for a way to bring light to the dream.

After a little time, I noticed my friend started bringing in more ideas in contrary to the initial plan.

He was hell bent on monetizing rather than adding value.

I wanted to create an academy and not a fintech startup 😂😂😂

It is funny now but during that time, I was confused.

Thank God for a road map and a clear vision and mission statement.

I went over my mission and vision statement over and over again and I am convinced enough that all these ideas are no longer the way it is meant to be.

To the glory of God, the academy, A21 Academy, a digitally inclined academy to teach newbie about the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency is life and gradually achieving its aim.

Thanks to @dreemsteem for imbibing the true spirit of leadership in me.

There are still a lot of development to make and a lot of sacrifices but with time, I believe the overall aim will be achieved.

  • Have you been in such a situation when your vision will be fine tuned by your best friend to suit their own vision?

It might not be your best friend alone, it can be your mentor, your motivator, your role model or anyone that you can confide in.

Whenever you are in such a position, it takes extreme carefulness and thinking to know whether the new ideas are in line with your own vision.

Remember it is your vision and only you can see it, others are only living in imagination of it.

Whenever you are starting a new project, always make sure you write your vision and mission statement before taking any step at all. It will help you and serve and serve as a control measure when you are deviating from your vision.

Don't get me wrong, there are instances whereby you will be given cogent advise that will help your vision that's why I said, it takes critical reasoning to know whether new ideas resonate with your vision.

Firing your best friend does not imply cutting all ties with them. No, it is a call to action to know whether to take their advice hook, line and sinker or to align it with yours.

I hope you've learnt something new from this posts.

If you've experienced any form of irregularities of ideas, I will love to hear your own story and how you are able to go through the phase.

Perhaps, someone might learn from you as well.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am