Moving sucks

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Now that I've finally settled in it feels great, but the whole process of moving is something I've really disliked in forever. Mostly cause during my youth I had to do it a lot and in Finland apartments being furnished ready is very uncommon so it meant having to move everything every time. My parents had a hard time deciding where to stay, not only did move affect my friendships and studies but the time during moves was almost always stressful, physically straining and just a pain in general with so much having to be taken care of.

This time around thankfully it was a bit easier and most issues were mainly due to lack of better preparation. For instance when we went to rent a van to go through IKEA they didn't have any big ones then and there, we should've reserved one in time they kept saying. We kept trying to find a rental place that'd have one on a Saturday but most had the same answer, by the time we finally found one so much time had passed that we kinda already got in a rush even before that day had really started. It being saturday we also had to make sure to return the car before the place closed else we would've had to pay for another two days extra even though we didn't really need it.

We get to IKEA, got to eat some swedish meat balls that we hadn't had in a couple years due to living abroad and then went to look for the things we needed. Mainly a couch for the living room, two beds and two tables for the computers as we already had the chairs. After we bought the tables and the couch we noticed that one part of the couch wouldn't fit in the van, great stuff, so ended up sending the couch through delivery. Then after we realized that we should've also gone after the beds and sent them in the same delivery to save on the costs, but we were so late already we had to start making our way back so decided on just ordering the beds instead. At least the meat balls were okay, other than that we could've just ordered everything and saved quite a bit of money instead of the car rental and drive over.

The next day we attempt to order the beds and their payment processor says that our payment didn't go through, even though from our end it had. We contact the customer support and they say there's nothing they can do, we should contact our payment provider. Nice, more unnecessary garbage that crypto and blockchain would've solved by now if these companies just started accepting them already, even a fucking Bitcoin transaction would go through faster than having to deal with these random issues that have nothing with us to do but we are the ones that end up getting rekt cause of them, and rekt we did get. The next day, right after our payment provider tells us that on their end they've sent it, IKEA contacts us again to let us know that they now did receive the payment but that the beds we ordered are no longer available. Like, you can't make this up. To top it all off after we switched beds the delivery date for them had been pushed forward a whole 5 business days. GG.

The day comes we move in, start building the tables and couch after it arrives. Should've taken some pictures and submitted them to the Lego community that @galenkp has created cause that's what it pretty much felt putting them together. Was kind of fun, though. The problem was now that we'd have to be without beds for a few nights, so we went and bought a couple sleeping bags. :D

Last time I had slept in a sleeping bag was during military training in 2010 so that was a fun experience doing it again inside without those damn mosquitoes!

Anyway, finally settled in time to get back to Hive 100%. Will try and posting a bit more often as well about what I'm up to, interesting blockchain projects/games I may stumble on I think could be worth taking a look at, etc, and most importantly growing the communities, retention, engagement and all that.

Hope ya'll survived the HF and have been patient with things falling into place to get back to how well things worked before it and most likely even better soon!


This sounds like a bit of a saga however in true G-dog style I focused in on the most important aspect...Swedish meatballs. Now I want some, and because it's dinner time here even more so...Alas, IKEA is a fair way off from where I live and so my Swedish meatballs hankering will go unrequited. Lol.

Seriously though, it seems like you had your share of issues with the furniture but once you get it set up you'll be good to go. In the meantime, enjoy the sleeping bag-nights, finish off the Lego building IKEA furniture construction and have a good weekend Acid.

I'm still thinking about Swedish meatballs...I might have to coax Faith into going there tomorrow...As if she needs any persuasion to go to IKEA!* :)

I know all about it. If I count all the times I have moved whether it be while I was living at home, a student after having moved out to live on my own, the two moves in Tampere to homes my wife and I had bought, or to rentals before our last home in Tampere was finally sold before buying the house we live in now, the total must add up to 17 or 18, if I recall correctly. I don't think the first few times when I was really small must have bothered me much but the last few moves sucked. Even the last one into this house was quite unpleasant simply because there was so much stuff and because it was quite expensive.

Moving when I was a student was the easiest because the student housing units came with basic furniture such a bed, a desk and a chair. There was also a cabinet in the rooms. The shared kitchens were always fully furnished. A simple lifestyle with not too many physical belongings has its advantages. @revicesociology has settled down in Portugal and is having a great time in that southern European crypto paradise.

Yeah, moving is a ballache, even when things go smoothly. I think my average is once a year for the past 20, probably bought at least 5 ironing boards, beds, and various other shit you don't want to take on a plane or doesn't fit in a car.

If I get to go to Spain, i'll have 3 suitcases, 2 laptops and a bike - too much to carry alone so that should be fun. Hopefully that'll be the 2nd to last move for a long time.

Enjoy setting in, til next time :)

4 moves in 4 years tends to burn me out on the whole moving thing. Everytime I wonder where in the world all this crap came from. Lol.

OMG that waited to tell you the beds were available after all that payment crap you went through. HAHAHA WOW

Enjoy your new place!!

When I last moved, one of the best decision was to get rid of all the old stuff rather than move them.
Then we bought new stuff (furniture and appliance, fridge, TV and all) and scheduled them to all deliver on the same day.

A sleeping bag on the floor would be awesome - due to my snoring, some nights I end up on the floor, sans sleeping bag :D

I hate moving myself so much, as I hate the packing and unpacking. The carrying stuff is fine. Enjoy the new place and have fun exploring the surroundings :)

I hate moving as well. The next time I want to move, I just want to hire a moving crew and then go on a vacation for a week or two and then come home to the new place and have everything ready for us to just unpack it. IKEA meatballs are awesome btw.

I feel the opposite. Every time I moved it feels so refreshing. I can let go of hold habits that were holding me back and establish new ones that will help me reach my goals. The sense of moving forwards is also there.

That said, now that I have finally settled well since moving in March, I hope to stay for a while😛

The part about changing habits and starting something new I can relate. Glad to be able to move closer to the city as well as it gives me a wider selection of activities.

Good to hear about your personal life, and get to know you in this way. Funny idea to go out and buy sleeping bags - I’m taking a mental note of that because it’s a simple solution. I’m moving in 6 weeks, and I’m already worrying about how I’m going to move a king size bed. King size seems overly big, now that I think about it.

I still have one box unpacked from four years plus ago. I have moved a lot in my life, it becomes a real pain in the arse when you prefer to buy verse rent a place. Some times i wish moving was as simple as if it doesn't fit in the car we don't need it.

Moving sucks. I've only been able to move twice in my life. Both times I was away from my friends, adjusting was difficult and I always missed the things I could do with my friends. Unfortunately life is like that. Everything would be easier if the blockchain was implemented everywhere. Everything would work faster and easier.

Ah sleeping in a sleeping bag, that sounds so Survivor style haha so cool! I agree that moving is a pain in the rear. Nobody likes that. And assembling furniture... If you look at it as being like a Lego you can probably have some fun.

Good luck with everything, it's nice that this movement made you remember military training


In japan they force you to throw everything out if you don’t want it so there is no such thing as a furnished place except for the kind of underground system they have for foreigners who want short term contracts, usually grungy places. So much waste it’s crazy

You don't' know how much shit you have and own until you have to move. I hate moving too, so all I can say is take it easy 😂

Having just moved recently and having moved so many time over the years I know how stressful and tiring it can be, good luck getting settled

I feel ya, because of the virus thing I had to move from my flat back home 5 thousand miles

Good luck getting everything in order.

HF24 was a bit messy, broke the Ecency desktop app, but nothing too bad.

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Moving is really pain in the ass and requires lot of time and effort.

Yes,moving is painful. Packing and unpacking things. Decorate again, Wish you all the best luck to your moving .

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