HIVE SPONSORED PROJECT IN NIGERIA (Water is life, Hive Promotional Project given life to people)

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It is my great pleasure to announce the successful offline project of Borehole Repaired Sponsor by Hive Blockchain somewhere in Nigeria, Cross River State, Etung Local Government, Etomi Village.


Some month ago I posted on this great platform, about certain mechanical borehole water in a village that acts as a water source for the people, in my post I tagged the title "One of a Kind". This borehole water does not rest from fetching as it is the only one available as drinking water for the whole village, people come from the town square to get their drinking water, even the farmer depart in the morning to get their water before leaving for farming.



Then I mentioned something from the post "What can happen if the borehole gets damaged, will the village abandon it or repair it?". That was my comment but I don't know if it will eventually happen so a month after, the borehole gets damaged. I was hoping it would be repaired once it is public water, people will fix it very soon, but the borehole has not been repaired for over two months, so I took action and asked people how they got water, maybe there is another alternative that's why people don't even look to fix it. Fortunately, I was able to get the information, there is no other alternative, most people go to the bush to get water from a stream, and some parts get drinking water far away under a cemented cover.


I was so worried about how the water would be fixed and such damn lack of money, I'm a youth corps from another state but have to serve here for a year.

Water is life, people struggle to get drinking water and not everyone in the village can afford to buy a bag of water, even now a bag of water is very expensive in Nigeria due to the economic situation many do not feel can afford it, even most of the villagers do not have the financial means to include it in their daily expenses.
First of all, I identify the problem with the fact that there is no money to fix the borehole, and the borehole's sponsors so far are unwilling to do anything, maybe based on their wallets or whatever but I don't know. Well, wish I could fix the well but it's just a kindness of mine with no money to get the job done.

However, I came across an offline hive post from @guiltyparties stating that the tag's usefulness is to help people with sustainability projects. He said anyone can turn to him if they have any problems

I took the step of chatting with him via discord because what I want to implement falls under one of the criteria mentioned in the post, where anyone can go for self-sustainability projects like:

  • Clear project that requires money
  • Reasonably and technically possible (e.g. irrigation system for the field to be cultivated)
  • Verified by other members of the community
  • The person is working or trying to work, not just sitting at home and doing nothing
    Opportunity to promote Hive's utility as more than just blogs.
    Read more about Off-line-hive

We talked about how the project will be implemented and I was very excited that the project was approved and ready to fund the project with money from the hive blockchain. Without further ado, let's proceed with the implementation of the project.

Project milestone

After I get the information about how much it will cost to repair the borehole, I received the amount of 176HBD in my Hive wallet.


176HBD for repairing and brand awareness with 10% contingency fund.
The next morning I went with one of the village elders to call the engineer that we were ready for the work.

Day 1

Tuesday 12th April ,


The engineer pulls the pump out of the water and identifies the failure on the first day of the project. I asked him if it could be repaired on time and the project ready by April 22, he then asked for a portion of the payment so the work could go faster. But unfortunately, I have not been able to withdraw the HBD from my account so I sat for a few minutes to convert the currency to Naira by contacting @rufans. I converted the currency into Nigerian money and asked him to send the advance directly to the engineer. I have received the remaining balance on my account

Day 2

On Thursday 14 April



I went to pick up the printed vest. I went there around 10 am but I was very disappointed, there is an error in the printing, I have to wait till evening time before it been corrected to what I want.

Day 3

April 15, Good Friday, the engineer came to repair the well








Day 4

Saturday 16th of April, people shows their gratitude when they were aware the water is repaired and ready to fetch. And I was sent back here to appreciate everyone on the hive blockchain for the kindness.




176HBD #100,000 ($244)
Changing the faulty part#40,000 ($98)Bank transfer
Printed Vest and Sticker#13,000 ($33)
Engineer Workmanship#25,000 ($61)Cash at hand



First off, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to you, @guiltyparties, for your efforts and guidance in getting me this far. I do not regret walking to You for my help. Your suggestions when I came to you make me to achieve a successful outcome of this project. Thanks once again to everyone on Hive Blockchain for your support.

Project : Repairing of borehole system
Location : Etomi (Nigeria, Africa)
Project manager : @adedayoolumide
Sponsor : @guiltyparties



How great is this great work and what is more important than water and more to a place that needs it. This is so inspiring and motivating. God bless you more and continue to use to bring more and more good works to each place in need. 🙏 every day I love hive more. 😍

Thank you, it really a blessing for me having such a big family here on hive. Your support and love is well appreciated.

Wow, this is great project of helping our people in Nigeria. Water is the most precious things for us to live. Kudos to @guiltyparties

Water is life. Thanks for stopping by 😘

Now we have a coordinated decentralized UN style effort in Nigeria and Ghana proving Hive and its blockchain partners will start takong over the role of infrastructure financier in Africa

Hive is a good platform for donating to projects that help the poor, just like this one.
Well done, thank you.

yes and heres the plan to help the poor start from $0 to building schools wells theatres for lectures outdoor with hive project projectors , clinics, and stores an other infrastructure

we have people start from $0 posting proposals on hive and telos to fund lets say.. a school, clinic or borehole well, or fix some vital infrastructure or local necessity, ... hive x telos pays for it ... then @challengedac sets a BONUS for a little profit and fun for whoever does it, with @challengedac eos and then on hive with a hive location reward system

so a challenge reward would be left on theri mobiel app for hive users... build a school using hive and telos proposals (all free to post) and then get like $10K in eos CHL as a reward as like a BONUS for whoever USES The hive x telos proposals (SO THEY FUND that stuff, NOT YOU) and YOURE just leaving like BONUSES for them, and that means the hive and telos peopel will buy CHL to give out bigger bonuses as they see that shit MOTIVATE THE FUCK out of people ON THE GROUND building REAL LIVE infrastructure for us !

Imagine a race to build schools that teach hive with free smartphones for whole villages, and even let children earn faster smartphones with good grades on hive oooh yeah this is gonna be fun

i imagine outdoor night time lectures in the open air with stardrops, airdrops of upvotes and hive and telos crypto under teh stars, with @adedayoolumide teaching hundreds of peopel with a portable projector and screen and battery and giving out smartphones to families, teaching them all hive on these affordable projectors and outdoor movie screens, hooked up to their phones with HDMI - USB C cord :Dor just a laptop and HDMI m:D but we can really teach hundreds of peopel at a time outdoor, maybe thousands in large arenas how to use hive in AFrica and airdrop Challengedac tokens as a BONUS after they complete their proposals on hive x telos ... as a bonus to give a rationally self interested profit motive BOOSt to the operation to get TEAMS competing, and im sure theyll get plenty of upvotes even if they didnt win first place in a race to help their country with schools clinics wells and new blockchain stores

We can have stores with hive lending where people can go into debt as much as they can earn in hive posts, and talk about what they do with their new phone they are using and paying for with hive ... its a perfect system, and o0n steemit we already did this.

I really think setting @challengedac challenges can give CHL owners a great showcase of charity and then maybe hive projects can get interested in using it as an extra reward, but only if they get a hive engine token or use the peg from steem engien, give them credit because they did a lot fo work to get on stee , and we moved to hive lol, but yeah.... using their GPS system is a perfect way to liek, take a map and set well challenges, in all the best strategic places we can all vote for

we also can have a Beautiful BEAUTIFUL rationally self interested collective blockchain social design competition for a school in Ghana , with prizes for the designers, and the stuff we will build with Ghanaean AFrican style, with blockchain help of hi tech will end up being so wakanda, it will be amazing to see

id also love to see the lowest cost houses they can churn out in a massive hive hive for peopel to live and work and play with blockchaina nd have just a paradise for people in africa to grow up safe and earn enough money on chain, to feel like they are part of our world party when the prices go up

imagine outdoor night time lectures in the open air with stardrops, airdrops of upvotes and hive and telos crypto under teh stars, with @adedayoolumide teaching hundreds of peopel with a portable projector and screen and battery and giving out smartphones to families, teaching them all hive on these affordable projectors and outdoor movie screens, hooked up to their phones with HDMI - USB C cord

@ackza looking at this will be a difficult things to achieve, who is going to fund the project by distributing smartphone and other gadget to teach school about hive and telos, or whatever lecture going to pass to them. If we're looking for way to help poor people there are many way we can go about it, although your idea is accepted but to go more further without spending much, visit clinic and pay for poor bills with hive x telos name will be so appreciated. Providing Reading materials like textbook with hive x telos name for students in local place. Like I mentioned in one of my post, i setup a computer system lab for student in one local school I'm serving as youth members although I don't do it with my money. These systems were provided by government and are there for long time and nobody to set it up, meanwhile students are not expose to computer system talkless of operating it. I be in shoe of setup the lab with 15 desktop computer and volunteer to take them classes by introducing them to computer.
Therefore those are the little things we can do to help our people, but it fine if they'll be a provision for the project as you said it also a good one.

I need to know more about this

I'll Chat you on Discord

Greetings friend, what an interesting project you have done, I love how you have been concerned about the community and their need for water. Truly, Hive surprises me more every day, how interesting the way you managed to get them to support you in your project, I hope that everyone in the community will be much more comfortable with this great benefit.

This means a lot to the community and most are even asking about hive blockchain logo on the borehole and I've been promoting by explaining to there hearing.

Now I feel like tearing up😩. This is so beautiful! In Nigeria, one if the major problems is how to get clean and sustainable water for use especially when it comes to remote areas. Everybody focuses more on the urban areas forgetting the rural areas.

You are really a blessing to those people because without your thoughtful idea and without the hive initiative, they probably would have kept suffering for a very long time. Waterborne diseases would have trooped in and many would have gotten sick.

Water is truly life. ✨

Rural areas are always abandon and I don't think we have a reason to forgetting the rural areas. Most of the foods comes from Farmers in rural area, so they're to treat equally with amenities with people in urban.

Thanks for the good Comment

We must not forget where all our food comes from.. it's bad.

Oh this is lovely. Now the community has been blessed by the power of Hive. Nicely done @adedayoolumide dear 😊

Thank you 😊

This is incredible! Oh I'm so happy to read and see these photos. It's exactly what this community should be about. Respect to you for organizing such a thing and to all here on HIVE, Kudos for supporting <3

Thanks for your support too, we're a big family

Good to see the impacts that Hive is making around the world. You did a great job in helping to solve the problem of the village, well done @adedayoolumide

This is awesome. It gives me faith that this community here on HIVE is really a nice place to be and build a brighter future for everyone in the world.

Que bonito es ver cómo la comunidad ayuda a otros a lograr objetivos como éstos.

Que gran amigo es @guiltyparties . Gracias por el apoyo en todas partes

This is truly wonderful, water is seen as such a basic thing in some parts of the world and looking at this post makes me realize that we can never take for granted what we have. Hive has made this possible, so awesome!

This is great charity, done with Hive!

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Dude we have Ghana and Nigeria

Heres some @telokanda tokens to give to everyone there

Yiu shoukd ask telos for a proposal fund on post your plan this hive post as a free poll and ask for at least 20,000 a month and lets get you started making hive nfts and wax nfts on so we have some system for yoh to figure out to sell NFTs maybe to carve or plaque or chisel their nams into the stone forever ...if they buy the NFT ... we need to have you selling nfts

Screenshot_20220418-192043_Hive Keychain.jpg

Thanks for your support, I appreciate this

I love the homespun hive t shirt cottage industry here

Id pay for nfts that created real African Crypto Fashion Custom shirts pants dresses dashikis etc and have them shipped here when we order them...need to expand to this

Even most of the villagers are requesting for the hive printed vest from me everyday, I manage to give a woman one and others are really on my neck too. Hahaha

That's good idea

Only 40,000 naira aprox $100 USD?

it was more yes? I want to know how much for more boreholes and how much to pay the people for your time in the team

I want to get like 3 or 4 more set up with @telokanda and @telosnetwork logos as well and u should try IRL live streaming with paypal donations using youtube and super chat if u can get free wifi to stream for a day

Anyway how much to get a other water point created ? And i want a large AFRICAN style statue or carving maybe wooden of hive logo ;) haha or something like that thats unique and african but also crypto...a giant Bitcoin and Ethereum logo will help it draw in the bigger bitcoin community ... how much for another well?

And remember sell NFTs that put a persons account name on the well with hive nfts or we could make millions selling wax nigeria hive water nfts to fund more wells font forget the telos proposal you can make free !!!! Get as much money as you can

Hahaha yes man i just realized

We can hunt for broken wells or schools or buildings and repair them with hive and slap a hive sticker on it "fixed with " boom haha

Lets get agents to put together a list of all the local projects they want done and sell nfts of them on wax hive and telos

That is nice idea, let talk about the continuity of offline project on discord. Kindly Drop your discord link

just go to find me there in that PAL discord

youll have to look up the telos discord but we will get plenty of support if you just post the proposal and ill pay you to get some telos t shirts too, telos has a partnership withhive


so its all good lol

This is amazing. I am on a tourist visit currently in Africa, Nigeria. I am currently in Rivers state in Nigeria, In Africa. I have identified the certain challenges that the community is facing and it would help. Hive blockchain, Telos and Telokanda would be proud of supporting a community based project that would have great impact on the lifestyle of many and it would promote HIVE, TELOS, TELOKANDA in the local community. I am in Agbonchia community in Eleme local government area in River state. It would let all know about the Hive community.

Thanks, and if this promotion project continue definitely we're going to solve some challenges facing by our local people. I believe government can't do it alone. And I'm so much in love this platform really care for people all around the world

Thank you
40,000 is approx. $100 USD and there are several things that people suffer from in our local area. One of them is the water, also there is still another well on the other side of town that has the same problem and it has been broken for a long time according to the engineer who came to work, but when this is a bigger one, that serve in the middle of the village that's why I prefer to repaired. The second well serves the people in the upper market of the village and it will be more appreciated if it can also be repaired because it will probably reduce the stress of the people who come from the upper market to get the water of what has just been repaired and this promotion will cause hive blockchain adopts the UN style to help in Africa and from there will be in the know throughout Africa.

Also, most of the community schools here are not sponsored by the government but under government, the school runs on the little money they collect from the students. Especially the one I do my main task as youth service corps here is lacking of chairs for the student, the students sit 5 or 4 on a single bench. I think this is a help that our local places need.

This is such an amazing project💓💓💓 More power to your town and may you help more people through hive♥️🙏

Actually it my town and other side it not, I come from Western part of Nigeria to serve for a year and Identify the problem they're facing for so many month and get it solve through
Moreover most of peoples are cocoa farmers that helping to provide food for the nation, they don't have to be neglected in terms of needs.

Awww that so nice of you☺️ Keep it up sir, I salute to these kind of people💙💙

That's amazing to see hive having such a great impact off-line and not just online. Really impressed and happy for that

Thanks, hive is ruling offline to help people from suffering and it good thing we have that's not common with others platform.

That's amazing bro 💯

Keep up the good work ✔️

Impressive. Thanks to @GuiltyParties for the #offlinehive which is helping to identify all the numerous activities needed to hive promotion. You have made a great impact with hive to serve water to the community. The hive logo is to show people the brain behind this granted support. It's amazing to see how hive has empowered not only Ghana with water 💦 but in Nigeria too. Kudos man @adedayoolumide

Thanks, it great to partake in this ecosystem. Hive is given us a new things we can't find elsewhere on blockchain. Helping is one of the greatest thing God support, with the look of things hive has been operating as UN to solve people's problem.

This is a great project. Everyone deserves right to clean water and as they say, water is life.

Great team project. Keep in that way

I applaud your honesty in handling funds, as well as your compassion and concern for those around you; they will undoubtedly appreciate it, and I hope it will be continued. Thank you for your support, @guiltyparties, it is sincerely valued. Water is indeed life

Wow... This is such great development.
I saw that of Ghana yesterday and I was wondering when we would have something like this in Nigeria but here it is!

Please how do I take part in projects like this next time?

Read more about it before embark on project Read more

I just did.. I understand better now🤗

It's awesome to see Hive helping communities in Nigeria.. it would be great if you find talented youths in the village which you can educate about Hive. This would be life changing to them.

Yes I'm already creating awareness for those asking me a question about the logo. And most of them are really interested in the Revolution

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Wow, this is really commendable
Projects like this will forever remain in the hearts of the village. You've done well, kudos

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Thanks for sharing such a project.
We are supporting another project, based onto Charity, that is called Ethicoins. Here is my first article on Hive about it.

They aim to create a whole ecosystem about charity and instruction of people.
I would love to have a feedback from you on that project to understand if a collaboration may be possible

Absolutely heartwarming and wonderful to see how crypto can provide real world solutions for people less fortunate. Brilliant. Every respect to both you and @guiltyparties.

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@adedayoolumide I am really impressed with this initiative and this shows how much you love the community and assisting with water is an act that can not be forgotten. Sincere appreciation goes to @guiltyparties who is the sponsor. I know how it feels not to be accessible to clean and drinkable water especially in a country like ours especially villages and remote areas.

Thank you 😊

Awesome work! Even though I have lived in the UK all my life I am still very much connected with my Nigerian (Lagos) roots!

I have sent you 10 $HBD to help for future efforts.


Thank for your support 😊

Woooow, Hermosa Obraaa

Water is the most precious thing on the planet, we must use it wisely because we realize its importance in case of water scarcity. There is no life possible without water.

Indeed water is most precious thing God bless us with. I remember vividly my mom always told me to drink enough water, water is life