Hi @adysscheryl did you mean the 2 HBD that you sent is for 2 numbers in the draw?

To which account did you sent them @adysscheryl ? No transfer from you to @combination account... 😳

well I apparently I have a mental illness that causes me not to see words and I'm looking at them and this is who I send it to Transfer 2.000 HBD to papilloncharity

Ouch maybe I spell wrong is there a way for me to check thst

Oh! I Saw It, you sent It directly to @papilloncharity account...
Well are those for the draw or should we consider It as a donation?
You can always see your transfers in your walllet :

Yes. I replied that to you.
Consider a donation

Ok @adysscheryl, thanks so much for your contribution 🤗

You're included in the draw @adysscheryl, please remember to make future transfers to @combination account to avoid missing your participations.
By the way, you've received the PapillonCharity badge that you can see here:
Thanks so much for your support and good luck for the draw 😉

Oh wasn't expecting that well thank you so much have a good day or evening