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RE: Special Museums in Vienna (3) // Spezielle Museen in Wien (3)

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Dear Anna,
As I get ready to write a blog for LMAC I'm aware of how your art blogs have influenced me. This influence extends from the logical, topical display to the clear, focused descriptions. Only thing is, I have only borrowed pictures :). Your brilliant photography is the best part of your blog. Brings everything to life and truly constitutes a virtual tour.

I hope you are well and peaceful. Here, the virus rages, except in New York, where the infection rate is rather low. Still, mandatory controls are in effect and I am grateful for that.

Stay well. Looking forward to your next @art.vienna blog.

Your peaceful New York friend,


Dear AG,
I'm glad that you're working on LMAC again and thereby my art blogs come to your mind :) Even if you only borrow the pictures, the way you combine them to tell a story, I always admire.

Thank you, I'm fine. I keep up with the worrying situation in large parts of the USA on the news. I'm glad that you're in a safe place and are doing well. Here in Austria, the number of infected people is slowly rising again, after many restrictions have been removed. I hope for the common sense of the people, so that we are spared another lockdown.

All the best and stay healthy.

your Austrian friend, enjoying summer holidays.

I thought of you again, dear Anna--more focus on aesthetics, less verbiage :)
Thank you!
With respect and affection,

I have already enjoyed your excursion into surrealism. As you know, I admire and respect your work very much, not only this post.

With great affection,