Pen drawing : A drawing of @cmmndrbawang.

in OCD10 months ago

Hello everyone I am happy to share with you my new drawing of a friend I met here on hive Blockchain, I made this drawing to commend him for his support and I really hope he likes the drawing @cmmndrbawang.
Here are the step by step process and the proof of ownership.




This drawing was a bit technically as I had to carefully manipulate my pen to get desired result and I am happy it came out well.
Kindly check out my blog to see more of my drawing and also if you like my artwork kindly upvote and reblog it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for viewing my post and do have a lovely day.


Nice and cute

Thanks bruh😊🙏

Thank you so much for doing this man! I can't wait to see you in the Rising Star Community much love fam!


Thanks alot, looking forward to joining the community 😊

This my friend,is definitely a work of art.

Thanks dear friend, I am happy to share it with you😊

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