Autumnal highlight at Zurich Main Station

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Today I would like to show you a few snaps that I took this week in Zurich Central Station, the largest as well as one of the oldest stations in Switzerland. There's always something going on!


Züri-Wiesn is the autumnal highlight at Zurich Main Station. But this year with an uncomplicated alternative program without beer tent and party.





Nana protects all passengers around Zurich Central Station, a work by Niki de Saint Phalle, it weighs 1.2 tons and is over 11 meters high, the angel was transported in 3 parts from the USA by ship via Rotterdam to Basel.



Have a great Day!


Wow! Amazing fest!! Love to have some crepes!! Zurich is a very nice city!

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome! I thought I was going to get some nice crepes!! Hahaha

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Thanks a lot for the information!

Your welcome :)

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Many thanks!

You're welcome @almi🐝🐝