The most massive Mexican Street Art compilation to ever been dropped on the Hive Blockchain

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Pretty exaggerated title, don't you think? I mean, it's only a 60 picture compilation, there's gotta be bigger comps on Hive, but I needed to catch your attention somehow; after all, it's been a while since I posted something here.

I've been trying to get back to posting, to writing, to getting stuff done but, to be completely honest, I just haven't found the motivation or the drive to do it. A few weeks ago I began posting again daily, for around 2-3 weeks, but after I lost someone very close to me I just couldn't find any reason to publish my pieces here.

Don't get me wrong, I've been writing and I've been writing a lot but I've been doing it on my notebook - the real notebook, paper and pen, not the new age kinda crap MacIntosh stuff - and for me, not for other people. I will probably post some of those pieces if I find some that I want then to be public.

In the meantime, it's been a while since I posted street art - for those of you who haven't seen them, I have a few similar posts, I'll search for then and share them on the comment section - but that doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures, it just means I haven't been able to post them.

I really hope you like it, this post covers around 5 months of picture taking around my beautiful and yet third world country, Mexico.


One of the things I love the most about Mexican street art, and probably the main one that made me become a fan of it, is the colors and the contrasts, added to the creativity behind the designs.

Most of the graffiti you'll find in Mexico is just one color rambles, most of the times just bubbly letters that you can't possibly figure out what they say, made with cheap spray paint that will fade in a matter of months and then another cholo will come and paint another mumbo jumbo crap, making my city (and a big part of my country) look like a futuristic shithole where only whores, drug dealers and beggars exist.

Just like the next two pics:



But - yes, there's a but - over the last decade or so, people began to start paying these street artists to make murals on their walls and to make Mexico a more colorful, festive and attractive for tourists destination, especially in the touristic spots such as Cholula, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Escondido, Tulum, Cancun and many many more.

I believe this is the where and when the really high quality street art started to take place in Mexico and thus, gave me the chance to bring you some of it. Enjoy!

























































This was the best Mexican Street Art post I've seen all day.

I'm so glad to read this, this was actually the best 12 word comment I've read in January :D

Guess it worked! Got our attention and that is a ton of cool street art!

Hope you are feeling better these days

Thanks man, it took me quite a while but I'm currently at my best (as possible). Thanks for dropping by my post!

Ah awesome! Glad you are back!

Wow, that´s a really big one. I think the title might actually not be exaggerated at all ;) Mexico is definitely one of the countries where I have seen the most impressive street art pieces so far (especially Holbox, that island is literally one big open-air art gallery, I am sure you know...)

Yeah man, I'm pretty sure you got your doze of street art in playa ain't that right? I hope you're doing great in (was it the Balkans? Damn, can't remember exactly), and that you're having a great 2021!

What a collection! I like the one with the woman's face, her hair like a waterfall, and the jaguars climbing out of a pool where her brain would be. It speaks to me about imagination, and the interconnectedness of animals and people.

I'm sorry for your loss. Taking time to yourself sounds like a good thing, and writing can be a great way to work with emotions. I hope creativity continues to help. Sending love.

True art stands out from the meaningless garbage that harms society.

I also liked very much the bright and striking colors of this compilation

I like to think that the people behind these pieces do it for the love of the art, you're correct.

beautiful and @anomadsoul really happy to see that @anomadsoul is here again, beautiful, and hope you have completed your work study, nice to see you dear, beautiful street art

I enjoyed your sharing of this Mexican 'Street Art'... A few seemed to have a hint of inspiration from Frida Kahlo, who happens to be one of the most interesting to me. Her life was so filled with physical and mental suffering - similar to a young woman I once dated, who introduced me to Frida's works and life story.

Sorry for your loss...

Amazing, I think, I should post some street arts from my place. The ones at my place are kinda more traditional though.

It would be great to see that post man! Have you posted it already? Or do are you still compiling the pics?

I have not captured them all - have got diverted because of some family emergencies.

If they’re going to occupy a section of building it may as well look good I reckon. Though some of the writing can be quite well done too.

Sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing okay.

Exactly my thoughts. I remember that 20 years ago every city in Mexico was a visual shithole but the government decided to give the artists a proper space (sometimes with pay) for them to express their art and beautify the streets :D

Really insane pieces! I thought I would see 2UP anywhere but no, it does not seem like they tagged in the streets you photographed. All the best!

Oh, what is 2UP? Is it something street art related?

Y, but I made a typo. They are called 1UP. Here some reference:

Just wow. These street art are so impressive. They are very hiveable! It reflects how people value art in the community cause it looks very neat and well preserved. Greetings from PH <3 lovelots.

Yeah mate, I really love posting street art, I actually have a few compilations rounding 200-300 pieces :D I'm glad you liked it!

I have plenty of street arts to look forward from you then :D

So many cool paintings here. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for visiting man, it's great to hear from you!

That is spectacular


Here is some street art that caught my eye from a year ago in Mexico City.

Nice, where exactly is it located? What did you visit Mexico for?

It was 2 years ago for a wedding. This was near Hipódromo.

And more...

wow! amazing!