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RE: Venus of Willendorf // Venus von Willendorf

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Dear AG,
As we all know, Facebook's censorship policy is absurd, not just in this case.

An artifact from that time, which is associated in Europe with the beginnings of art, should opened this blog. I'm glad you know these kind of Venus figures. The mystery of the faceless woman with the exaggeratedly displayed gender characteristics will surely remain an eternal mystery. The problem is that we can only interpret it from our own background of experience and are not able to comprehend the thinking of Stone Age people.

You're right, Rubens would probably be green with envy ;)

I didn't know William Barret yet. The book review on 'The Irrational Man' sounds interesting. It's probably not a reading that you read on the side. I haven't really gotten into existentialism yet, but to deal with it would be certainly very insightful.

Thanks for visiting my new blog :)

With warm affection,