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RE: Introduction to my new blog // Vorstellung meines neuen Blogs

in OCD3 years ago

Dear AG,
For quite some time now I want to create a kind of gallery with artworks of different genres for my studies. No long art theory treatises, only some photos with short description. Let's see what comes of it.

I can only agree, Schiele is unique. Klimt and Schiele as a mural was a special kind of honor these two protagonists of the Viennese Modernism on the occasion of their 100th anniversary of death.

Thanks for your enthusiasm. So glad if you accompany me on this project.

Affectionately, Anna


So glad if you accompany me on this project.

It is exciting to see something great starting. And this will be great.

🌟 🎨🌟

Your very enthusiatic friend,

Thank you very much my dear friend. 🌷